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Walker Sands Digital takes your business to the next level with digital strategy, web site design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and content marketing solutions designed to tackle the challenges of today’s marketplace. Headquartered in Chicago, we are part of the award-winning B2B tech PR agency, Walker Sands Communications—extending our ability to offer a full-service approach to growth-oriented clients around the world.


Talk is cheap. What really matters are results. At Walker Sands Digital, we specialize in delivering measurable improvement to clients across a range of industries. Click to view case studies, design work and recent projects that demonstrate how we can help you leverage digital to achieve your business goals.

Why National Brands Need to Show Local Markets Some Love

Thanks to a growing supply of digital tools, B2B marketers today can reach current and potential customers instantly, regardless of where they are. With social media, mobile devices and marketing automation software in their arsenal, national organizations connect with audiences across the country in a matter of clicks. Unfortunately, this immense power can lead brands to forget one of their biggest responsibilities: localization.

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  • Web Design Deck the Web: Holiday Shopping & Web Design

    The holidays are coming up and if you're anything like me, you've been doing quite a bit of online shopping. In doing so, you've probably noticed that many, if not all, of the sites you've visited have a winter or holiday theme to them. Additionally, many of them have been reorganized a bit, pointing you in the direction of one great thing: gifts.

  • Digital Strategy Everything Is Part of Your Digital Strategy

    I was having a conversation with Mike Santoro the other day about what we could do for a potential client in the online space. I would mention some outlets that I thought would be good for the lead and Mike would say that “Oh yeah, that's part of the PR strategy” and that's when it hit us: your PR strategy isn't separate from your digital strategy, your digital strategy should include PR. Digital isn't a tactic anymore. It isn't something you either do or don't do. Digital is a location where your whole strategy plays out.

  • Web Design Simple Effects to Impress Your Users

    Everyone loves to explore and find unexpected things, whether it is turning the wrong direction just for fun or exploring the web. People enjoy a sense of fun even in the most professional settings. Here are some ways to add a sense of exploration to your site using effects such as, simple hover effects on links, images and buttons.

  • Analytics Measuring Long-Tail SEO Traffic

    When measuring a site’s long-tail traffic, you’re interested in getting answers to questions like these: How much of my site’s SEO traffic comes from phrases that are five words or more in length? How much SEO traffic do I get from one- and two-word key phrases?

  • SEO Part Number SEO Tips: A Checklist for Success

    If you are a manufacturer, distributor or reseller, there’s a good chance that a big percentage of your customers buy based on manufacturer part number.

    They Google the part number and they buy from the company that shows up. So, your job is to make sure you are at the top of the list. Here are some simple but effective Part Number SEO Tips for ranking for part numbers in Google. (If you’re an SEO expert, you won’t find many surprises here, but those in management, merchandising, IT and marketing may find this SEO advice useful for keeping your SEO experts on their toes.)


How to Close The Effectiveness Gap in B2B Content Marketing

Most organizations are struggling to keep up with the demand for impactful, results-oriented content. This white paper addresses a comprehensive range of content-related initiatives and best practices.

Should You be Concerned About the Amount of Mobile Visitors to Your Website?

Our Q3 2013 Mobile Traffic Report finds that web visits coming from mobile devices increased by 171 percent since the third quarter in 2011. The data also suggests that iPad market share is on the decline.

Ten Signs That It's Time to Redesign a Website.

Think you need a new website but not positive that the time is right? These "ten questions to ask to determine whether you need a site redesign" will come in handy. If you decide you do need a new website, give us a call.