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Take your business to the next level with our demand generation, digital strategy, website design, search engine optimization (SEO),
pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and content marketing solutions — designed to accelerate lead generation and revenue growth.

Headquartered in Chicago, and now with a new office in San Francisco, we are part of the award-winning B2B tech PR agency, Walker Sands Communications. Our digital marketing services ensure that we offer a full-service approach to growth-oriented clients around the world.

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Talk is cheap. What really matters are results. At Walker Sands Digital, we specialize in delivering measurable improvement to clients across a range of industries. Click to view case studies, design work and recent projects that demonstrate how we can help you leverage digital to achieve your business goals.

Zero to Sixty: Getting Your Digital Strategy Firing On All Cylinders

You've invested time and budget in digital because you’re convinced that your company’s future depends on it—and you’re probably right. But now, you’re just not seeing the results you expected to achieve and you’re starting to wonder whether your company’s digital investments will ever pay off.

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  • PPC The Power of Automation: How Different SEM Tools Ensure Your Ads Stay Relevant

    Ad relevance is a crucial factor in how well your search campaigns perform.  Focusing on ad copy relevance has the potential to lead to:

    • Increased Quality Score
    • Cheaper Clicks
    • More Qualified Leads
    • Higher Conversion Rates

    When implemented and executed properly, automation links your ad copy and user intent, leading to an overall boost in search performance. And the good news is there's no one way to automate ad copy in an SEM account - you can leverage a few different techniques to see a boost in conversion rate and lead generation:

  • Professional Development Charles Adler, Co-Founder of Kickstarter, Is Opening a Creative Space in Chicago and This Is What it Looks Like

    On Friday I finally got a chance to check out a Creative Mornings event. These things — I think the best term might be happening, actually — are notoriously hard to get tickets to. There are two big reasons for this:

  • Digital Strategy A Primer on Predictive Marketing for the Chief Sales Officer

    Here’s a marketing prediction I can make with a high level of certainty.

    True of false — as a Chief Sales Officer (CSO), do you need more leads and/or better leads?

    In the countless meetings and calls I’ve had with CSOs, I’ve never met a CSO who was perfectly happy with the leads they were getting:

  • Content Marketing Salvaging Content from an Old Blog

    This is an article about what to do with that old, cobweb-filled corporate blog of yours.

    You know what I’m talking about — those archaic and now mostly useless posts dating back to 2011 (or even earlier) that are still live on your company website.

  • Conversion Optimization SEO Tips for CEOs and Marketers: Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy by Changing How You Measure Conversions Pt. 2

    Last time, we discussed how to think about measuring conversions and the ins and outs of Google Analytics' various attribution models. Today, I would like to continue that discussion by describing how we at Walker Sands decided to approach conversion attribution modeling for our clients.


How to Close The Effectiveness Gap in B2B Content Marketing

Most organizations are struggling to keep up with the demand for impactful, results-oriented content. This white paper addresses a comprehensive range of content-related initiatives and best practices.

Should You be Concerned About the Amount of Mobile Visitors to Your Website?

Our Q3 2013 Mobile Traffic Report finds that web visits coming from mobile devices increased by 171 percent since the third quarter in 2011. The data also suggests that iPad market share is on the decline.

Ten Signs That It's Time to Redesign a Website.

Think you need a new website but not positive that the time is right? These "ten questions to ask to determine whether you need a site redesign" will come in handy. If you decide you do need a new website, give us a call.