A big part of what we do as a digital marketing firm is to help our clients to define smart content strategies that then serve as the foundation for other digital marketing activities.

Think about it. Without good content, every other digital marketing tactic is prone to fail. Your website, your social presence, your email marketing, your search engine optimization (SEO), your PR – successful execution on all of these fronts depends on good engaging content. You need to tell engaging stories. You need to break through the noise. You need to build a content platform that can scale. It's good content that gives you the reach and the influence you need.

Typical scenarios, before we arrive on the scene, include the following:

  • No Compelling Content - It's a content arms race out there. The companies with the most and best content are winning. Others are losing and they don't know why. It's because they don't have enough good content. Most firms have very few assets in their content bank account. They are starting at close to ground zero, and we develop plans that allow them to catch up and beat the competition.
  • Lack of an Integrated, Strategic Content Plan - Other companies churn out tons of content, but to what end? Content strategy must align with business goals. Moreover, it cannot be built within marketing silos without any collaboration. A big part of what we do is help clients to think more strategically about content and learn how to manage it well. There needs to be a content team with clear responsibilities, there needs to be an editorial calendar, there need to be goals and metrics, and there needs to be an integrated plan for deployment. Sounds simple enough, but we find that it all starts to work when our content strategy consultants look at things objectively and facilitate the creation of a strong content plan.
  • Content that Doesn't Drive Revenues - Content should only be created to do one thing: drive revenue growth. Sure, content needs to cater to all stages of the marketing funnel. But at the end of the day, your content serves the purpose of growing your organization and achieving key organizational goals. Sadly, many companies don't build content using a content strategy that has been created to drive revenue growth. That's often the first thing we fix when developing a content strategy. If it doesn't drive revenue growth, it's not worth writing. We create the content plan, define your goals and expectations, and show you how to measure progress against your goals.
  • Underutilized Content - Even without undertaking a thorough content audit, it's often readily apparent to us that a company is wasting its good content. It's sitting on a hard drive or buried in a web page. Some companies have goldmines of legacy content that we can help them recycle, reinvigorate and repurpose. Once we've helped a company to develop a content strategy, this doesn't happen going forward. That's because we build content reuse and content promotion into the content strategy. Get your money's worth on content creation – it starts with planning how content will get deployed and ensuring that distribution is as broad, and as smart, as possible.

Don't just jump into tactical content marketing programs. Blogging is not a strategy. Social media promotion is not a strategy. SEO is not a strategy. A microsite is not a strategy. These are content marketing tactics. Before you jump to these tactical activities or buy a marketing automation platform, build out a smart content marketing strategy. It all starts with strategy.

Ready to Get Started?

It's tough to do all of this on your own. Let us help you to create a content marketing strategy. We can audit and evaluate your existing content. We can assess competitor content and see how you compare to others. We don't take a cookie-cutter approach to content marketing strategies. Each content strategy project is tailored to your unique needs.

It's a simple exercise that can pay big dividends. If you do it right, you'll strengthen your brand, increase inbound marketing leads, drive new sales and enhance customer loyalty. Call us at (312) 235-6171 to get the conversation started.