A Relentless Focus on Demand Generation

We'll get you more leads and better leads. No other demand generation agency delivers like Walker Sands does.

Demand Generation Services

Based on real-world results from over 2,500 independently tested demand generation programs, we have developed and perfected our proprietary Walker Sands "Digital Ecosystem" framework, an integrated approach to PR and digital marketing that focuses on quickly improving lead generation outputs for our clients.

Always Tailored to Meet Your Specific Needs

While the Digital Ecosystem framework that we outline below is a broad and holistic approach to demand generation, rest assured that we'll adapt it to your particular circumstances.

Indeed, flexibility is perhaps the most important driver of the success of our Digital Ecosystem framework:

  • In some cases, you may just need a point solution (e.g. SEO help, PPC management, a new and improved website, etc.).
  • In other cases, you may want to work towards building a more robust digital marketing engine, powered by marketing automation and anchored by sophisticated, content-driven marketing campaigns.
  • If you've got some of the pieces in-house already or have addressed some of them via another agency, no problem; odds are we can still partner with you to at least triple the number of qualified leads you are getting.

How We Approach Demand Generation

Our Digital Ecosystem framework keys in on "three C's" -- which, when properly deployed, work together to drive new revenues by quickly moving qualified prospects through the discovery, research and decision stages of the buyer journey:

  • Campaigns
  • Content
  • Conversion

Campaigns — Accelerating Your Demand Gen Results

Your marketing plan should comprise a series of smart campaigns, each of which is thoughtfully designed to advance specific business and marketing objectives.

In executing each campaign, the Digital Ecosystem brings together the core disciplines of Market Segmentation, "Pain Point" Messaging, Content Marketing, Public Relations, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing and several other effective tactics to promote content across channels in smart, integrated campaigns.

This coordinated approach engages audiences at multiple touchpoints and at all stages of your marketing funnel. Everything works in harmony to maximize results; no more working in ineffective marketing silos and no more throwing money at one-off marketing activities or tactics that fail to deliver great results.

Content — Fueling Better Demand Gen Engagement

For each campaign in your marketing plan, the Digital Ecosystem leverages engaging content to start conversations with prospective buyers, promote your key messages, address buyer needs and move prospects through the customer journey.

Every campaign is anchored by great content that points your audience toward a conversion destination -- your website. Once prospects arrive at your website, our framework either converts them into qualified leads immediately or feeds them into nurture programs to ensure you get their business when they are finally ready to buy.

Conversion — The Most Important Part

The Digital Ecosystem places a relentless emphasis on conversion through Website Design, Conversion Rate Optimization, Marketing Automation, and Tracking and Reporting.

These final pieces of the puzzle ensure that once prospects engage with you, they'll have a clear next step to move along in your sales funnel, and their progress can be tracked and measured against defined business goals.

Learning More About Our Demand Generation Services

To fully understand our battle-tested approach to demand generation, and the results we can attain for you, it's best if we talk things through. Call us at (312) 235-6171 to get started.