Everyone knows that the Internet has become a gathering place for real estate buyers and sellers. Yet the web development projects for most real estate companies never progress beyond superficial site elements and tired, online marketing tactics.

The challenge is especially difficult for real estate companies that have multiple offices, whether those are franchisees, wholly owned subsidiary offices or licensee locations. In this scenario, every affiliated entity needs a compelling, local website that delivers great business results.

At Walker Sands, we take a holistic approach to real estate site design with a turnkey solution that supports multiple locations out of the box. Sure, we’ll address SEO, but we’ll also design a first-rate user interface that makes it easy for visitors to sort through your online listings and take the next step to becoming engaged prospects.

Conquering the Market One Agent at a Time

Real estate agent web design is an important piece of your agency’s online presence. Buyers and sellers expect the ability to access information on an agent-by-agent basis, so we’ll work with you to create stellar websites for each of your real estate agents, all of which can be easily updated with your site’s internal real estate agency content management system (CMS). You can update sites centrally at headquarters or give each agency its own access to the CMS.

Powerful Turnkey Solutions for Real Estate Web Sites

Whether you specialize in sales or rentals, we have a comprehensive web site solution for your family of real estate offices or companies. Our online solutions can handle any type of property – home sales, condo sales, townhomes, apartment rental, commercial buildings, industrial properties, land sales and more.

We’re proud to offer a full slate of services for real estate agencies interested in taking their online presence to the next level. From a basic SEO facelift to a complete site design/redesign, we have the tools you need to make your next real estate web design project a smashing success.