Your website is the most energetic sales rep you've got. Around the clock, it interacts with audiences you want to get to know better. A well-designed site delivers the right messages to the right audiences, increases your inbound lead flow, heightens the perceived value of your offerings, and accelerates your sales cycles. In contrast, a poorly designed site simply ensures that you'll continually be operating below your full potential.

At Walker Sands Communications, we've made it a top priority to build a stellar web development team because we recognize the linchpin role that websites play in good communications. Whether you're ready to build your first website, redesign an existing site, implement an intranet, or want to create niche-need microsites developed for specific initiatives, we can help.

What We Do For You

  • Website Design. Working as your partner, we ensure that your site exudes vision, value and passion. Our talented web designers and developers manage all aspects of needs assessment, requirements definition, design and implementation.
  • Website Redesign. Sites grow stale and we all learn from our mistakes. If you're ready to rework your site and enhance its selling capabilities, we are ready to assist you in this effort.
  • Search Engine Optimization. When you select us as your web developer, you can rest assured that we will incorporate as many effective marketing techniques as possible, including optimizing your site for search engines. We also can take an existing site and let you know how you can improve your rankings for your most important keyword phrases.
  • Intranets. With profits being precious these days, it helps to have as efficient an operation as possible. We can work with you to design an intranet that frees your human resources up to do higher-value tasks and enhances the quality of your operations.
  • Banner Ads. Despite rumors to the contrary, web advertising is a very effective vehicle for boosting sales. We can quickly design clever, compelling and beautiful banner ads for you.
  • Responsive Design. A great looking site is vital, but it also needs to function properly on a mobile device or tablet. Mobile optimization or "responsive design" allows for an enhanced mobile experience- an essential site feature given the rapid growth of mobile website traffic across all industries. It's a part of every website project we do and ensures your website looks great no matter what device a visitor is on.