One Way Small Companies Beat Big Companies: By Telling It Like It Is

On a recent trip to Silicon Valley, while waiting in the lobby of Digital Garage to meet an old friend, Greg Kidd, I had the good fortune of meeting entrepreneur Patrick Levy Rosenthal, the CEO of Emoshape.

Based in New York, Emoshape makes a microchip that allows AI engines and robots to experience more than 64 trillion possible emotional states in real-time.

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Pitching a Big Idea

Here’s everything you need to know about pitching a big idea, including how to overcome 32 common objections to big ideas and 10 must-have attributes of a great big idea.

If you read this, you’ll be way ahead of the rest of the pack in terms of understanding why big ideas get shot down and how you can avoid that happening to your great ideas.

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You’re Underinvesting in Your Personal Thought Leadership

You work for a brand that everyone knows and respects. But will it be around forever? Will you be with them forever? When you leave the brand, will anybody know or care who you are?

Sadly, many high-performing executives never build a personal brand. They don’t invest in personal thought leadership, and they pay the price at some point in the future when they realize that just having worked at a big-name brand doesn’t mean anybody thinks they are worth much at all.

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Does Your Demand Gen Program Make People Unhappy? It Should!

If you work in demand generation, making people unhappy is your job.

Admittedly, it’s not fun to tell people this at cocktail parties.

An attractive person you want to impress asks: “So what do you do for a living?” You respond: “I make people unhappy.”

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Reflections on a Walker Sands Training Session

Earlier today, I attended one of our Walker Sands offsite training sessions.

This was an event for our Senior Media Relations Specialist (SMRS) team on the PR team. We have similar training sessions for our specialists in Digital Marketing and Demand Gen, who work within our Walker Sands Digital group.

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The Power of Automation: How Different SEM Tools Ensure Your Ads Stay Relevant

Ad relevance is a crucial factor in how well your search campaigns perform.  But are you aware of how SEM automation can be used to increase ad relevance and increase conversion rates to get more qualified leads at a lower price per lead?

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Charles Adler, Co-Founder of Kickstarter, Is Opening a Creative Space in Chicago and This Is What it Looks Like

On Friday I finally got a chance to check out a Creative Mornings event. These things — I think the best term might be happening, actually — are notoriously hard to get tickets to.

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A Primer on Predictive Marketing for the Chief Sales Officer

Here’s a marketing prediction I can make with a high level of certainty.

True of false — as a Chief Sales Officer (CSO), do you need more leads and/or better leads?

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Salvaging Content from an Old Blog

This is an article about what to do with that old, cobweb-filled corporate blog of yours.

You know what I’m talking about — those archaic and now mostly useless posts dating back to 2011 (or even earlier) that are still live on your company website.

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SEO Tips for CEOs and Marketers: Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy by Changing How You Measure Conversions Pt. 2

Last time, we discussed how to think about measuring conversions and the ins and outs of Google Analytics’ various attribution models. Today, I would like to continue that discussion by describing how we at Walker Sands decided to approach conversion attribution modeling for our clients.

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