Zero to Sixty: Getting Your Digital Strategy Firing On All Cylinders


You’ve invested time and budget in digital because you’re convinced that your company’s future depends on it—and you’re probably right. But now, you’re just not seeing the results you expected to achieve and you’re starting to wonder whether your company’s digital investments will ever pay off.

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, many firms never achieve their full digital potential—not because they don’t have the right assets, but simply because their digital strategies aren’t firing on all cylinders.

A Deeper Look at Digital Strategy

An effective digital strategy is a carefully coordinated plan. It enables your organization to accomplish its most important goals by delivering the right messages to the right digital audience(s).

It’s important to understand that your company’s business goals represent the starting point for your digital strategy. Regardless of the shape or scope of your digital assets, your business goals define what you’re trying to accomplish and determine the course of your digital marketing activities.

At Walker Sands, we help clarify our clients’ branding, positioning and business goals as the first step in digital strategy development. From there, we engage in-house content creators, graphic designers, user experience (UX) experts, SEO specialists and others to flesh out the digital strategy in a cohesive and methodical way.

In our experience, digital strategy has to include three critical elements:

  1. Foundation: a clear understanding of your brand identity and business goals that lays the groundwork for all of your organization’s digital activities.
  1. Visibility: robust SEO and other tactics that attract search engines and capture the attention of target audiences, ultimately improving the quality and quantity of the traffic to your digital assets.
  1. Marketing Automation: tools and tactics that help your company nurture prospects with useful content and resources that are personalized to users’ needs and preferences.

For your company’s digital strategy to succeed, all three elements need to be in sync and functioning at optimal levels. If you drop the ball in even one area, it can seriously limit the performance of your entire digital ecosystem.

Ready to Learn More About Digital Strategy?

For more information about Walker Sands’ approach and our perspectives about the development and execution of effective digital strategies, watch our Digital Strategy video. 

John has more than 15 years of experience developing web sites for start-ups and small-to-medium-sized businesses, more

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