The Power of Automation: How Different SEM Tools Ensure Your Ads Stay Relevant


Ad relevance is a crucial factor in how well your search campaigns perform.  But are you aware of how SEM automation can be used to increase ad relevance and increase conversion rates to get more qualified leads at a lower price per lead?

It’s widely known that good ad copy makes your online ads more relevant. Indeed, focusing on ad copy relevance has the potential to lead to:

  • Increased Quality Score
  • Cheaper Clicks
  • More Qualified Leads
  • Higher Conversion Rates

But many SEM experts and in-house SEM teams don’t tap into the power of automation to improve ad copy.

When implemented and executed properly, automation links your ad copy and user intent, leading to an overall boost in search performance. And the good news is there’s no one way to automate ad copy in an SEM account – you can leverage a few different techniques to see a boost in conversion rate and lead generation:

  1. Dynamic Keyword Insertion – A tried and true SEM technique, dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) is a feature that automatically updates your ad copy to match user searches. When deployed, the ad includes the search query directly in the copy. It’s important to note that DKI copy loses its relevancy with long tail keywords, so you want to stick to stringent character limits when using this method.
  1. Ad CustomizersAd customizers work by connecting specific attributes to specific targets. This is done through different features including location, keyword and countdown customizers. Ad customizers adapt your text ads to meet what users are searching for, what device they’re using, where they’re located and more. The customization allows you to tweak your messaging, or include time-sensitive calls-to-action via the countdown feature. This way, you’re ensuring your ads consistently stay relevant.
  1. Scripts – Scripts are a more complicated solution that when yielded correctly, allow for quicker, more scalable ad changes. Scripts support adjustment for specific copy, ad campaigns, time of day and a variety of other parameters. Free Adwords Scripts allows you to play around with different scripts to see how they’ll affect your accounts.

Staying relevant is key for brands to connect with consumers.  Use SEM automation to your advantage. Give your ads the TLC they deserve, and increased conversions, inbound qualified leads and a better quality score are within your reach.

Trevor Johnson is a Senior Pay-Per-Click Specialist with Walker Sands Digital. more

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