SEO Tips for CEOs and Marketers: Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy by Changing How You Measure Conversions Pt. 2

Last time, we discussed how to think about measuring conversions and the ins and outs of Google Analytics’ various attribution models. Today, I would like to continue that discussion by describing how we at Walker Sands decided to approach conversion attribution modeling for our clients.

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SEO Tips for CEOs and Marketers: Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy by Changing How You Measure Conversions Pt. 1

Is your SEO team giving you the data you need to improve your company’s digital marketing strategy? Most SEO reports cover information on general traffic trends and conversion stats, often breaking them down by medium (i.e. visitors from organic search, referral sources, paid advertisements etc.) and providing some additional information on popular pages and top conversion sources. But those top conversion sources do not tell you the full story about how people find your website and turn into leads.

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Control Group Problems for Online Conversion A/B and Bayesian Testing

Control groups are tricky.

And, in related news, new research from Orbitz shows that telepathy is not an effective marketing tool.

As a digital marketing firm, we are often tasked with improving clients’ online conversion rates — getting more leads, adding more subscribers to the company newsletter, increasing views of lead-generation content marketing assets, etc.

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Attributes of a Great Digital Marketing Consultant

If you aspire to be a great digital marketing consultant, I know already that you have ambition, which, as it turns out, is one of the key characteristics for becoming a great digital marketing consultant.

Congrats! So far, so good. But what other traits are needed to master digital marketing? Here’s my take on the most important attributes, traits and characteristics that define success in a digital marketing career.

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3 Best Practices for Staffing & Recruitment Websites

At Walker Sands Digital, one of the primary industries we provide SEO and website strategy for is the Staffing and Recruitment industry. By combining site architecture, recruitment SEO and staffing specific content our staffing and recruitment clients have seen great results.

If you are a staffing and recruitment organization looking to use your website to drive qualified job applicants and deliver results, here are three best practices you can use to optimize your site.

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Lead Gen Consulting Firm’s Needs Assessment Questionnaire

As a lead gen agency, there’s a ton of background information that we need to gather before we can write a proposal for you.

That’s because until we’re sure what’s broken, we can’t tell you what needs to be fixed. In fact, I’d argue that any marketing agency that specializes in lead generation that writes you a proposal without asking these questions will probably not get you the results you want. When it comes to lead gen improvement, everybody’s needs are different and cookie-cutter proposals don’t cut it.

So, cutting to the chase, here’s a list of questions our lead gen consultants at Walker Sands Digital will typically ask during an initial call with a prospective client.

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Walker Sands Digital Increases Website Search Traffic 750% for Logistics and Transportation Company

A leading provider of technology-enabled business process outsourcing, focused on transportation and logistics came to Walker Sands Digital with the goal of increasing website traffic and generating more conversions. The company’s current website was a one page microsite that was receiving little to no organic search traffic. To achieve the company’s website goals, Walker Sands Digital implemented the following digital strategies to help this logistics company.

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Maximize Conversions with CRO

Often times, brands see the website development process as being a checklist that can be safely put away once everything is completed. Designing a website is a long process and covers a lot of ground from branding to content to user experience, and the right process will get you a fantastic website. But by stopping the process as soon as the site goes live, you miss the option to gather data and refine the website because only once it goes live can you see how a typical visitor actually uses your site.

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Website Stat Malfunctions: Why Your Website Success (or Failure) May Be Fiction

In my last blog post, I told a story about an executive who misinterpreted the statistics on his home page bounce rate.

He thought the bounce rate was 70 percent, when in fact the real home page bounce rate was 20 percent.

There are lots of other ways that companies can misinterpret their website statistics, even though they are just repeating the outputs from their analytics software. Here are four of my favorite, and very common, “things may not be as they first appear” mistakes regarding website statistics.

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Bounce Rate Too High? Maybe Not.

People are often pretty confident when talking about their website statistics, but a fair number of folks are spouting numbers that are not accurate.

We’ve written before about Google Analytics setup errors that caused overstated conversion rates and inaccurate referral rates. Today, we are going to talk about bounce rate errors.

“I think our home page needs to be completely revamped,” a company exec told us a while back. “We’ve got a 70 percent bounce rate. That’s what it says in Google Analytics.”

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