The Power of Automation: How Different SEM Tools Ensure Your Ads Stay Relevant

Ad relevance is a crucial factor in how well your search campaigns perform.  But are you aware of how SEM automation can be used to increase ad relevance and increase conversion rates to get more qualified leads at a lower price per lead?

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Attributes of a Great Digital Marketing Consultant

If you aspire to be a great digital marketing consultant, I know already that you have ambition, which, as it turns out, is one of the key characteristics for becoming a great digital marketing consultant.

Congrats! So far, so good. But what other traits are needed to master digital marketing? Here’s my take on the most important attributes, traits and characteristics that define success in a digital marketing career.

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One Big Risk When Running LinkedIn Sponsored Posts

I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn sponsored posts.

In fact, our Walker Sands and Walker Sands Digital book of business helping B2B companies with LinkedIn sponsored posts is on a serious uptick, with more and more B2B companies calling us, asking for help with LinkedIn sponsored post plans, budgets, content assets, image design, audience segmentation, daily tactical execution and ongoing optimization and reporting.

Without question, LinkedIn sponsored posts play a role in a smart B2B digital marketing plan — one that is not easily filled by any other available digital marketing tactic or platform.

But marketers need to know that LinkedIn sponsored posts can be commented on just like any other LinkedIn post, which means that if some jerk quickly adds a negative comment to your organization’s sponsored post, it will be seen by everyone you are trying to reach.

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How to Gauge the Local Strength of Your Digital Ad Campaigns

The Internet is not a one-size-fits-all medium. Most of today’s online giants (Google, Facebook, Twitter) invest copious resources to deliver a tailored experience to every individual user, not just a standardized interface.

Twitter not only tells us what’s trending in the U.S., but in our specific cities. Someone in Chicago who does a Google search for “consulting firms” sees different results than someone in Seattle who searches for those same terms. B2B organizations that dedicate any dollars toward online advertising need to join this local-first movement.

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Everything Is Part of Your Digital Strategy

I was having a conversation with Mike Santoro the other day about what we could do for a potential client in the online space. I would mention some outlets that I thought would be good for the lead and Mike would say that “Oh yeah, that’s part of the PR strategy” and that’s when it hit us: your PR strategy isn’t separate from your digital strategy, your digital strategy should include PR. Digital isn’t a tactic anymore. It isn’t something you either do or don’t do. Digital is a location where your whole strategy plays out.

This change is most clear in the how PR , SEO, and SEM work together compared to how they used to operate. Of course, this isn’t to say that all PR, SEO, or SEM people used to work this way but certainly many of them did.

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How To Optimize Your PPC Account – Part 2

Last week we looked at 3 basics metrics that can help you improve your paid search campaign (Clicks, conversions, and spend). This time we dig a little deeper into what Adwords can tell us and we look at some of the second and third level stats.

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How To Optimize Your PPC Account – Part 1

There are hundreds of articles out there about the best ways to optimize your PPC accounts and that’s because everyone takes a slightly different approach to PPC. Running an Adwords campaign is more like making chili than it is like building a car. I’ve been working on PPC campaigns for almost a decade, and I’ve read at least 100 of those articles and this is how I optimize campaigns.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Remarketing

Even with great content and strong PR, search and social presences, most visitors do not convert the first time they visit your site. That’s where remarketing comes in.

After visiting a retail website, you may have noticed the company’s ad following you around the Web—on news articles, review websites and blogs. Although it looks like any other display ad, it’s actually a remarketing ad.

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Lead Gen Consulting Firm’s Needs Assessment Questionnaire

As a lead gen agency, there’s a ton of background information that we need to gather before we can write a proposal for you.

That’s because until we’re sure what’s broken, we can’t tell you what needs to be fixed. In fact, I’d argue that any marketing agency that specializes in lead generation that writes you a proposal without asking these questions will probably not get you the results you want. When it comes to lead gen improvement, everybody’s needs are different and cookie-cutter proposals don’t cut it.

So, cutting to the chase, here’s a list of questions our lead gen consultants at Walker Sands Digital will typically ask during an initial call with a prospective client.

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The Basics of PPC Advertising: My New Learnings

Because each team member at Walker Sands Digital has a specialized skill set, we can do everything from content writing to back-end web development. To make our team better-rounded in the world of digital marketing, we hold weekly professional development sessions. They help spread knowledge from subject area experts to the rest of the team, not to mention, it’s fun to learn new things together.

Last week, Daniel Laloggia taught us the basics of PPC advertising. As an SEO expert, I have some knowledge of PPC, but I learned a lot of cool things that help me understand how PPC works and some simple ways to optimize your campaigns. Here’s what I learned:

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