Enterprise Solution for Employees Sharing Content on Social Media

Looking for good enterprise tools for sharing social content?

Many organizations would love it if they could better mobilize their employees to promote company content marketing assets, blog posts, PR placements, job postings and other items on social media.

Here’s how we do it at Walker Sands. We use an awesome enterprise social sharing product called VoiceStorm from Dynamic Signal.

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Attributes of a Great Digital Marketing Consultant

If you aspire to be a great digital marketing consultant, I know already that you have ambition, which, as it turns out, is one of the key characteristics for becoming a great digital marketing consultant.

Congrats! So far, so good. But what other traits are needed to master digital marketing? Here’s my take on the most important attributes, traits and characteristics that define success in a digital marketing career.

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One Big Risk When Running LinkedIn Sponsored Posts

I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn sponsored posts.

In fact, our Walker Sands and Walker Sands Digital book of business helping B2B companies with LinkedIn sponsored posts is on a serious uptick, with more and more B2B companies calling us, asking for help with LinkedIn sponsored post plans, budgets, content assets, image design, audience segmentation, daily tactical execution and ongoing optimization and reporting.

Without question, LinkedIn sponsored posts play a role in a smart B2B digital marketing plan — one that is not easily filled by any other available digital marketing tactic or platform.

But marketers need to know that LinkedIn sponsored posts can be commented on just like any other LinkedIn post, which means that if some jerk quickly adds a negative comment to your organization’s sponsored post, it will be seen by everyone you are trying to reach.

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Seven Questions to Ask Before You Throw Money at Twitter Ads

For many marketers, it’s very tempting to start throwing money at social media advertising and start a Twitter advertising campaign.

Indeed, in our capacity as a top-tier marketing agency that helps clients with Marketing Strategy, Messaging and Positioning, PR, SEO, PPC, Social and a host of other business-building marketing activities, we’re increasingly fielding inquiries from our marketing clients about getting started with Twitter advertising.

This growing interest in Twitter ads should come as no surprise to anyone with a pulse. Without a doubt, the buzz about Twitter ads is accelerating.

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Lead Gen Consulting Firm’s Needs Assessment Questionnaire

As a lead gen agency, there’s a ton of background information that we need to gather before we can write a proposal for you.

That’s because until we’re sure what’s broken, we can’t tell you what needs to be fixed. In fact, I’d argue that any marketing agency that specializes in lead generation that writes you a proposal without asking these questions will probably not get you the results you want. When it comes to lead gen improvement, everybody’s needs are different and cookie-cutter proposals don’t cut it.

So, cutting to the chase, here’s a list of questions our lead gen consultants at Walker Sands Digital will typically ask during an initial call with a prospective client.

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5 Tips for an Effective Email Signature

Think about all of the emails you receive on a daily basis. Do any of them stick out in your mind? After a while, they all kind of start blending together, so how can you make yours stand out from the rest?

After you get your targeted audience to open and read your email, you may think your job is done—but you’re wrong. You forgot about the final push in ensuring you get a response, and that’s your signature at the bottom of the email. Here are five tips to creating the most effective email signatures for you and your company to make certain your emails don’t become a part of the muddle.

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Designing for Social Media

It’s no secret that nowadays, social media is everywhere. Not only can you reconnect with your [long lost] friends, you can stay up-to-date on the latest celebrity gossip, tech trends, funny animal gifs… Whatever you like! Social media has given us the power to enhance our relationships and most importantly, we can use social media design to grow our personal and professional brands.

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Website Stat Malfunctions: Why Your Website Success (or Failure) May Be Fiction

In my last blog post, I told a story about an executive who misinterpreted the statistics on his home page bounce rate.

He thought the bounce rate was 70 percent, when in fact the real home page bounce rate was 20 percent.

There are lots of other ways that companies can misinterpret their website statistics, even though they are just repeating the outputs from their analytics software. Here are four of my favorite, and very common, “things may not be as they first appear” mistakes regarding website statistics.

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