SEO Tips for CEOs and Marketers: Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy by Changing How You Measure Conversions Pt. 1

Is your SEO team giving you the data you need to improve your company’s digital marketing strategy? Most SEO reports cover information on general traffic trends and conversion stats, often breaking them down by medium (i.e. visitors from organic search, referral sources, paid advertisements etc.) and providing some additional information on popular pages and top conversion sources. But those top conversion sources do not tell you the full story about how people find your website and turn into leads.

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Control Group Problems for Online Conversion A/B and Bayesian Testing

Control groups are tricky.

And, in related news, new research from Orbitz shows that telepathy is not an effective marketing tool.

As a digital marketing firm, we are often tasked with improving clients’ online conversion rates — getting more leads, adding more subscribers to the company newsletter, increasing views of lead-generation content marketing assets, etc.

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Enterprise Solution for Employees Sharing Content on Social Media

Looking for good enterprise tools for sharing social content?

Many organizations would love it if they could better mobilize their employees to promote company content marketing assets, blog posts, PR placements, job postings and other items on social media.

Here’s how we do it at Walker Sands. We use an awesome enterprise social sharing product called VoiceStorm from Dynamic Signal.

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How to Think About SEO and Content Marketing ROI

At a recent SEO conference I attended, a marketer started his presentation by confessing that his firm had published over 1,600 articles in six years as part of an SEO program but that more than half of that published content had averaged less than 500 page views per article.

He was very disappointed in these results.

But, to my way of thinking, many people might be very happy with these results. 

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SEO Tips: Mining Competitive Pages for Keyword Insights

I’ve personally been going to Pubcon and other SEO conferences for years, and as a leading Chicago SEO agency, we send our SEO consultants to these shows on a regularly basis.

Recently, we’ve sent five agency team members to Pubcon, three to MozCon and six to Content Marketing World. We do this because we need to be smarter than other marketing, PR and SEO agencies and we need to stay on top of the latest SEO trends, tools and techniques.

At every SEO conference, we get a few practical tips that improve our capabilities in solving our clients’ problems — including getting them more leads, more visibility or whatever the task at hand is.

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How to Get SEO Inbound Links By Helping People

This is a quick blog post that shows a simple technique for getting SEO inbound links by helping people out.

If you are new to SEO, links to your site are very important because part of Google’s algorithm assumes that sites and web pages that get links to them from other sites must be good sites. Otherwise, why would anybody link to them? This was the foundational brilliant insight of the original Google algorithm, and the calculation that evaluated the quality and quantity of inbound links into a single metric was called PageRank.

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3 Reasons Why Digital Content Doesn’t Connect with Your Audience

You’ve crafted the perfect landing page for your company’s new product. As you import the page into the CMS and take it live, you secretly congratulate yourself for producing the best piece of digital content you’ve ever created.

Now it’s time to sit back and bask in the glow of the success that will all-but-certainly come when the page drives scores of prospects to your company’s doorstep.

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Attributes of a Great Digital Marketing Consultant

If you aspire to be a great digital marketing consultant, I know already that you have ambition, which, as it turns out, is one of the key characteristics for becoming a great digital marketing consultant.

Congrats! So far, so good. But what other traits are needed to master digital marketing? Here’s my take on the most important attributes, traits and characteristics that define success in a digital marketing career.

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Helpful Tips When Buying a Domain for a Digital Marketing Initiative

We’ve built some great marketing microsites for clients over the years, and one of the more recent ones is the I’m An Engineer site we built for Newark Element14. Check it out!

In these situations, when you need a great domain for a digital marketing initiative, you often end up buying the domain from somebody who already owns it.

Since we have some great in-house expertise at our digital marketing agency on this topic, I thought I might share some useful tips for buying a domain when you need it for a marketing campaign.

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How Our Agency Thinks About Digital Marketing

When I think about how Walker Sands approaches our digital marketing services, I remember the Three Stonemasons story.

Maybe you know the story. It goes like this.

One day, back in the middle ages, three stonemasons were working away. They were breaking large stone blocks into small blocks with their hammers and chisels.

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