Mobilegeddon Part II: Writing Mobile Content

Just over a month ago, Google rolled out a new algorithm that would rank websites based on mobile-friendly design. This change, more commonly known as “mobilegeddon,” listed out the criteria that a website would be judged against in determining if it fit the bill.

Mobilegeddon has come and gone without many companies reporting a drastic change in search rankings. But amidst the brouhaha of creating a responsive design, marketing teams may have overlooked another very important element of mobile-friendly websites: The writing.

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A Free Search Engine for Vector Icons: Flaticon

As a website designer, I’m always looking to stay current with the latest design trends. One of the most popular trends, which you are starting to see in both print and web collateral, is icons. Icons are super valuable pictograms that display something such as a product, service or idea (a noun, perhaps?) in a very simple way.

Icons are great because they appeal to the human eye. They make it easy for our brains to process what we’re looking at, and they help keep a design consistent, simple, clean and uncomplicated.

It’s always fun to create your own icons using a program like Adobe Illustrator, but I’ve also found that there are great sites that supply designers (and everyone, for that matter) with scalable vector graphic (SVG) versions of pre-existing icons. If you’re like any of us at Walker Sands, time efficient solutions are the answer to our prayers.

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Google to Update Responsive Website Criteria: What to Look Out For

Website owners and developers might want to mark their calendars for April 21.

From that day forward, Google will start measuring how mobile-friendly a website is as a search-ranking factor for people who search for content on their mobile devices. Site-owners and webmasters will receive a “Fix Mobile Usability Issue” notification from Google if their website doesn’t meet mobile-friendly criteria.

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One Big Risk When Running LinkedIn Sponsored Posts

I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn sponsored posts.

In fact, our Walker Sands and Walker Sands Digital book of business helping B2B companies with LinkedIn sponsored posts is on a serious uptick, with more and more B2B companies calling us, asking for help with LinkedIn sponsored post plans, budgets, content assets, image design, audience segmentation, daily tactical execution and ongoing optimization and reporting.

Without question, LinkedIn sponsored posts play a role in a smart B2B digital marketing plan — one that is not easily filled by any other available digital marketing tactic or platform.

But marketers need to know that LinkedIn sponsored posts can be commented on just like any other LinkedIn post, which means that if some jerk quickly adds a negative comment to your organization’s sponsored post, it will be seen by everyone you are trying to reach.

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3 Common Problems with WordPress Themes

One of the great things about WordPress is that it was designed to be modular, particularly when it comes to themes. It is a simple process to install and select a theme, very cool. Sites that sell themes have sprung up all over the place, you can find them for free or purchase them for any price imaginable.The problem like with anything that gives you the choice, is how do you make that choice? You could choose by popularity or based of which looks the coolest or feature lists. If you do any of those you are going to end up with some version of a mega theme, likely Avedia or Jupiter.

Mega themes look great and are chalked full of really cool plugins and customizations so you can do long scrolling pages with lots of effects. Thing can fly in and out from anywhere, you can load in video and large images. They incorporate custom backend editors that give you drag and drop elements, create those large banded sections that are popular right now and more. Lots of cool shiny things which sound great. but then you find out there are some downsides. Below are a few common issues that occur with WordPress themes.

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Seven Questions to Ask Before You Throw Money at Twitter Ads

For many marketers, it’s very tempting to start throwing money at social media advertising and start a Twitter advertising campaign.

Indeed, in our capacity as a top-tier marketing agency that helps clients with Marketing Strategy, Messaging and Positioning, PR, SEO, PPC, Social and a host of other business-building marketing activities, we’re increasingly fielding inquiries from our marketing clients about getting started with Twitter advertising.

This growing interest in Twitter ads should come as no surprise to anyone with a pulse. Without a doubt, the buzz about Twitter ads is accelerating.

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3 Benefits of Using WordPress as your Website Content Management System

There are hundreds of different website content management systems available for managing the content and features of your website. With the amount of content management systems, it can be difficult to find the right CMS for your organization. They can range in price, complexity and more; making it difficult to find the right CMS.

A content management system that we use very often here a Walker Sands Digital is WordPress. WordPress is an open source content management system that is free for users and meets the needs of thousands of websites across the digital space. Although WordPress is a free CMS, it has numerous benefits and options for building the back-end of your site into a robust marketing tool. Below are 3 benefits for using WordPress as your website content management system.

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The Pros & Cons of Responsive Logo Design

Think of your logo. This image, as simple and small as it may be, represents something as large as your organization and embodies its spirit. It is the inspiration and focal point of all your visual branding and the mark recognized by your consumers. As a rule, therefore, your logo should never be altered. Right?

Maybe not.

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Zero to Sixty: Getting Your Digital Strategy Firing On All Cylinders

You’ve invested time and budget in digital because you’re convinced that your company’s future depends on it—and you’re probably right. But now, you’re just not seeing the results you expected to achieve and you’re starting to wonder whether your company’s digital investments will ever pay off.

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, many firms never achieve their full digital potential—not because they don’t have the right assets, but simply because their digital strategies aren’t firing on all cylinders.

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The Importance of 301 Redirects for Your Site

As part of our process for launching a client’s site at Walker Sands Digital, we go through an extensive “Go-Live Checklist”. There are a variety of tests we put the site through to make sure nothing is broken and everything is communicating with each other. One of the more important items we test is the 301 redirect list, which is what I wanted to focus on in this blog post.

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