At Walker Sands Digital, one of the primary industries we provide SEO and website strategy for is the Staffing and Recruitment industry. By combining site architecture, recruitment SEO and staffing specific content our staffing and recruitment clients have seen great results.

If you are a staffing and recruitment organization looking to use your website to drive qualified job applicants and deliver results, here are three best practices you can use to optimize your site.

Optimized & Detailed Job Postings

Job postings that are optimized for the right target keywords and are geo-targeted can help drive the correct job applicant to the site. By implementing a content strategy for job postings that is focused on your key industries and locations it can drive the right traffic. Also, ongoing SEO monitoring is essential in order to leverage new opportunities for search traffic and higher conversion rates.

Responsive Design Tailored toward Job Seekers

One key element for increasing conversions on your site is to make sure the site caters to the user’s objective no matter the device.  A responsive design is a design for your website that changes based off the device the website is rendering on. The responsive design changes elements of the site to make it easier to use on a phone, tablet or desktop. There may be larger text on a phone or the main menu may render differently so that it is fully functional for someone on a tablet.

A staffing and recruitment website will want to implement a responsive job application so that it is easy for a job seeker to apply for a job on your site. Also, having a button or call out for “job postings” easily seen on a mobile device can be helpful for website visitors and increase your conversation rate.

The image to the left is an example of a site that adapts their menu to make it easier for job seekers to apply for a job on a mobile device. As you will see in the image, there is a large “Apply Now” button that is a prominent color and there are also specific items placed in the main navigation such as “Job Seekers” and “Client Services” so that it is easy for those users to find what they are looking for when arriving on the site.

Website Integration with Third Party Tools

Integrating your website with third party job posting tools is essential for remaining consistent with your brand while also allowing a robust system for job applicants. If you use a third party job posting tool for job listings, it is a better user experience if the application can be filled out on your current site. That way, the applicant can apply for the job easily and see the consistent brand message of your company.

Staffing & Recruitment Case Study

At Walker Sands Digital we have a lot of experience with search engine optimization and website redesign for staffing companies. Spartan Staffing, a TrueBlue company, provides temporary and long-term staffing solutions for manufacturing and logistics businesses. Their website wasn’t gaining enough traffic and qualified leads so they enlisted Walker Sands to help increase website traffic. With a complete website redesign, content program and SEO strategy, Walker Sands helped increase the site’s conversion rate 112% and total site visits increased 51%. Click here to read the full Spartan Staffing case study.