PPC advertising is a powerful and cost-effective driver of website traffic and leads for companies. With a results-driven PPC strategy, you can directly influence purchasing behavior and reach new audiences. But maximizing the return on PPC investments is complicated without the proper expertise and training.

With our professional PPC services, companies can generate more leads and optimize bid price to make the most of paid advertising budgets. We can also help you incorporate PPC programs that work in tandem with and complement other digital marketing initiatives, like search engine optimization and content marketing.

PPC Advertising Services

Our experienced PPC advertising specialists can help you set up, manage and track the success of your campaigns with a variety of comprehensive services, including:

  • Campaign Configuration: Although anyone can access and configure Google Adwords settings, larger organization require custom and advanced settings to make the most of PPC budgets. Our experts can custom configure and implement advanced settings and controls to build a strong foundation for PPC success.
  • Keyword Strategy and Targeting: To reach qualified prospects, you need to target the right keywords. By conducting in-depth and methodic keyword research, we identify the most worthwhile keywords and keyword phrases for your brand and audience.
  • Content Creation: Our skilled writers craft compelling content with strong calls to action, ad copy and headlines—critical steps for inspiring action among visitors. By focusing on benefits and unique differentiators, our content is relevant and timely for key audiences. We also position your company as a credible expert in Google’s eyes to improve your quality score and lower bid prices.
  • Key Metric Optimization: With advanced performance analysis tools and A/B testing, we constantly take steps to improve key metrics in your PPC advertising programs. This includes quality score, click-through rates, conversion rates, cost per action and keyword bid price. With comprehensive testing, we optimize your messaging, ad copy and calls to action to increase conversions and reduce costs.
  • Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting: We gauge the success of our PPC programs by the results generated. In addition to monthly reports and analysis, we help you identify key improvement areas for your campaigns and recommend other strategies your company can pursue to increase lead generation and website traffic.

PPC Advertising Success Stories

Our proven PPC advertising programs work with clients across a variety of budgets and industries. Whether you spend $1,000 per month or $50,000 per week, our PPC formula will work for your brand and help you generate more search traffic and leads.

We helped on one of our nonprofit clients increase website visits from PPC campaigns by 89 percent and optimize the value of their Google Ad Grant with strategic keyword targeting and compelling ad copy. This helped the organization reach new audiences and motivate visitors to learn more and donate to its mission of funding innovative research and finding a cure for rare blood cancers.

If you are ready to dramatically increase your website traffic and augment your digital marketing efforts with PPC advertising, give us a call today at 312-267-0066. We can help you create a customized program based on your unique business requirements, audience and goals.