Regularly conducting a website speed test is essential to maintaining a high-functioning online presence. For businesses today, having a website that looks great isn’t enough—it also needs to load quickly and work seamlessly. A slow loading website not only turns off potential visitors, it can also inhibit the success of a company’s broader digital marketing campaigns.

Four Benefits of a Website Speed Test

A website speed test is a fast, simple way to gain valuable insight into the state of your company’s site. By taking a number of factors into account (aside from just page load time), speed tests often reveal back-end issues that may be stifling your online lead generation efforts and conversion rates.

Here are a few of the benefits of performing regular website speed tests:

  • Prevent Conversion Sabotage: Page load time is the cornerstone of a website’s user experience. According to research by KISSMetrics, 40 percent of users will abandon a website if the page load time exceeds three seconds. The same study also found that a one second delay in page response could result in a seven percent reduction in conversions. For all types of businesses and industries, even a slight delay in load time could negatively impact traffic, conversions and lead generation.
  • Maintain Search Rankings: For the past few years, major search engines including Google have started factoring page load speeds into their organic search algorithms. If you’ve noticed a drop in your website’s placement among relevant search terms, speed (or a lack thereof) could be the culprit. Running consistent speed tests help to ensure your site stays at the top of search results.
  • Protect Paid Search Investment: Similar to its organic search algorithms, Google penalizes companies' paid search results if their websites load too slowly. Page load time also counts towards a firm's AdWords landing page quality score. A lower quality score can result in higher paid search costs and decreased ad exposure.
  • Identify Improvement Areas: Ultimately, running a speed test on your company’s website can bring bottlenecks to the surface, helping to determine precisely what’s stifling load time. Often, minor changes to the front or back end of a website can have a major impact, such as converting background images to JPG, caching static content like CSS files, or hosting custom fonts on the Google content delivery network rather than the local server.

Improving Your Business with a Website Speed Test

As the fight for customers and market share shifts to a digital battlefield, you cannot understate the importance of a fast, functioning website. Carving out time for a website speed test on a regular basis can be the difference between an underperforming site and one that generates valuable business results.

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