Our Chicago digital strategy consultants bring together strategy and deep technology expertise to help organizations transform their business results through smarter use of digital assets.

Where Most Companies Fail

At their best, your digital assets and programs can have a transformative impact on organizational success. For any given challenge you are trying to overcome, there's likely a way for smartly-designed digital assets and digital marketing programs to help you to be more successful.

Unfortunately, most companies fail to create a digital competitive advantage because they take a tactical approach to their digital presence.

They approach digital as a series of checkbox tasks, rather than viewing digital as a strategic asset. As in:

  • Do we have a website? Check.
  • Do we have a PPC program going? Check.
  • Have we hired an SEO consultant? Check.

Moving Beyond a Checkbox Approach to Digital Strategy

This checkbox mentality typically suffers from five major flaws:

  • First, digital assets are not being thoughtfully designed and managed to achieve any important strategic goals and align with key business objectives. This is the first thing we do for new clients – make sure that digital is designed to make a difference.
  • Second, in organizations that just tick off their checkboxes, digital is often viewed exclusively as a marketing asset. While it's true that most of our work centers on improving digital marketing execution, we've helped our clients to use digital technology to overcome many other non-marketing business challenges (quality issues, workflow, employee morale and communication, etc.). If there's a problem, odds are digital can play a role in the fix.
  • Third, procurers of digital services often settle for mediocre implementation, rather than implementing digital in a truly exceptional way. They think they are executing well, but they are not: our objective assessments inevitably prove that organizations are not executing to their full potential. We define the gap and help clients to reach their full potential.
  • Fourth, when a checkbox approach is in play, programs run in silos and are usually not thoughtfully integrated. Digital initiatives are not tightly integrated into the rest of the business, and even the component digital tactics are not executed in unison in an integrated fashion. Think about your own digital assets: have they been designed to execute together in a way that is truly exceptional, or have you just been checking the boxes?
  • Fifth and finally, the performance metrics are usually all wrong. How do you measure digital success? Many firms aren't looking at any metrics, are looking at the wrong metrics, or are looking at the right metrics but are miscalculating them. For us, measurement is extremely important. It's the only way to ensure that your digital strategy is getting the desired results, and without metrics there's no way to make needed course corrections along the way.

How We Can Help

Sit down with us and share your top five organizational challenges, whether they be goals or frustrations. Here are some common ones we hear when talking to our clients:

  • "We are not getting enough leads."
  • "The competition is outperforming us."
  • "Our branding could be stronger. We're just not sure how to get where we want to be."
  • "The market doesn't seem to know that we exist. We have a great offering but not enough people know about us."
  • "I'm just not sure if we are doing a good job on the marketing front. I need some help figuring it out."
  • "We are doing $15 million a year in revenues. Our digital presence makes us look like a fledgling startup. Help!"
  • "Internally, we have some performance issues. Workflow is inefficient and everyone does everything a different way. Can you help us with that?"
  • "Customers are complaining about us. We have a service issue that we need to fix and I'd like to figure out a way to get customers to work with us, rather than complaining online. It's damaging our reputation."
  • "We are about to complete a merger. We think we need a digital asset to help us be successful with post-merger integration but we're not sure what it should look like and how to get it built."
  • "The organization is counting on me to hit these numbers. I think digital can play a role but I'm not sure how to get started."

The list of possible challenges we can help you solve is much longer than that. What's on your list?

Let's work together to craft a better digital strategy for your organization. To start the conversation, give us a call at (312) 267-0066.