More. That's what a lot of our clients says when we ask them how many leads they hope to generate from their website.

Since there is always room for improvement, the question isn't whether the site can generate more leads -- it's really about how the site can achieve its maximum lead-generating potential.

At Walker Sands, the team members of our Chicago web design company work closely with each client to evaluate and assess their site's current lead generation capabilities and to devise a strategy for squeezing out every possible lead. Part of the process involves asking the client to articulate their goals for the site and discerning visitors' behavior on the site.

Questions for Assessing Your Site's Lead Generation Capabilities

When assessing how well a website delivers on lead generation, here are some important questions to ask:

At Walker Sands, we're here to help your site achieve its full lead generation potential. Contact our Chicago web design professionals and let's get started on maximizing the return from your company's web presence.