In the digital marketing arena, ranking well and attracting web traffic is only half the battle. You need a digital sales pipeline built to connect your business with your future customers. With your target audiences, competition and budget in mind, Walker Sands Digital works to drive people into the sales funnel with clear paths to conversion. 

Placing an emphasis on lead-focused content marketing, our demand gen experts leverage a variety of techniques to get the most out of campaign efforts -- and make constant improvements along the way:

  • A/B testing of subject lines, ad copy and form design 
  • Analytics and reporting to identify optimal channels for campaign efforts
  • Integration with CRM software to track performance from the first form completions to closed business, providing complete end-to-end visibility into the sales funnel

Watch the video below to hear from our demand gen experts about how Walker Sands generates results.

Want to see our demand gen efforts in action? Check out the work we did for Dotcom Distribution, a third-party logistics provider with an immediate need for more leads and a full sales pipeline.