Strong marketing is contingent on strong design. With that in mind, Walker Sands has invested in top-tier design team capabilities that are on par or better than those of even the most prestigious design firms.

As your tactical marketing partner, we can provide end-to-end services. If you need a corporate logo, we deliver the goods. If you need a sell sheet, we are here for you. Whatever your design needs, our in-house design team, working in partnership with affiliated designers when needed, can get you great results, in a hurry and at a price that makes sense for your business.

Our design services range from corporate logo design, brochures, folders, business cards, letterhead/stationary, Power Point deck templates, email templates, signage, and point-of-purchase materials. We apply a strong methodology that results in a consistent, unified, powerful and memorable visual image for your company and its brands.

Corporate / Brand Identity

We specialize in designing forward-thinking corporate and brand identity systems that embody the collective attributes, implied promises and expectations that employees, customers, investors, partners and other key audiences associate with our clients' product and service offerings.

Marketing Collateral

We partner with you to create great collateral materials that grab attention and quickly explain the benefits of your offerings. Through effective design and great copy, we drive home the most effective reasons as to why your prospective customers should consider doing business with you.


We take pride in our unique and outstanding creative approach to advertising. Good advertising design is all about imagination and creativity, and, when it comes to imagination and creativity, we're on the far right side of the bell curve.

Packaging Design

We design packages that have a proprietary look and exude vision, value and authority. Our packaging designs are never just another face in the crowd.