Our Chicago SEO agency is often asked to help organizations with keyword research as a one-time project, without requiring a monthly SEO retainer.

We're happy to do it. Sure, we'd prefer to be your long-term partner in improving your SEO results, but we know sometimes you just need an experienced SEO expert to help with keyword research and generate a great keyword list for you. No problem. We've got you covered.

Help With Keyword Research

Based on your business and SEO objectives, we start with an evaluation of your current list of target key phrases, assuming you've got one. We take a look at your site, and we look at what phrases your competitors and peers are chasing after.

We use various third-party tools to generate a list of keyword phrases that are actually used for searching and that drive the traffic that is most beneficial to your business, and we do gap analysis on your current targets against our findings.

The key for us is understanding how people search for what you offer, as well as understanding how Google handles those searches. For example, if Google applies geography-specific filters to your search phrases, presenting mostly local results to the searcher, that requires a slightly different keyword strategy.

In the final keyword research deliverable that you'll receive from us, keyword phrases are organized into an information hierarchy, with all key phrases assigned to logical groupings and with keywords sorted by search volume.

As part of this effort, we assess how you are currently doing for your most important target key phrases. So, at the end of this short project, you'll know how to prioritize your SEO and content marketing efforts. As an added bonus, you can also feed these lists into your PPC management program.

Engaging Us for Keyword Research

When looking for firms that help with keyword research, it's best to work with an SEO firm that has been working in SEO for a long time and that is familiar with all aspects of SEO. Firms that specialize in keyword research alone have a limited worldview and often won't give you good keyword lists or offer any useful SEO insights.

We've been doing this for ages -- since the very beginning. Let our SEO experts give you a hand. Call us at 312-267-0066 to get started.