Digital content marketing is an integral part of successful marketing strategies. B2B brands need creative, relevant and compelling content to connect with the audiences that matter most for business. Even more, content must be distributed across a wide array of channels, reaching customers at key points in the buyer journey.

Is my content marketing plan effective?

Content marketing is an essential driver of new business for B2B brands. And while most businesses have some sort of content marketing plan in place, at least 30 percent aren’t clear on what a successful content marketing program looks like.

When digital content marketing is effectively incorporated into your overall business strategy, your organization sees several tangible benefits:

  • Growth in online presence. Seventy eight percent of content marketing professionals use website traffic to measure how well their content is performing. Well-executed digital content is optimized and targeted for specific audiences, and increases your online presence. 
  • Established thought leadership. Well-written content establishes your brand as an authoritative voice on trending market topics. The more insightful, useful content you’re distributing, the more likely your organization is seen as an industry leader. 
  • Advanced sales cycles. Organizations with a firm grasp on content marketing know which phase of the buyer’s journey content is most effective. When you align content with buyer’s needs at each point in the sales funnel, the chance of moving them from prospect to customer increases.

Amplifying your digital content marketing initiatives

Creating high-quality digital content that drives results for your business is only part of a successful marketing strategy. You also want to ensure that content is distributed and promoted through the right channels, and is reaching customers at multiple touchpoints.

Using different amplification strategies, your organization can maximize ROI on your digital content investments:

  • Email Marketing – Email reigns supreme as one of the most trusted content distribution channels for B2B marketers. In addition to sharing assets like white papers and data studies, quality email content is an effective method for fostering existing business relationships, as well as generating new ones. 
  • Website Promotion – Websites are a hub for company information. You can suggest content assets to users based on the specific pages they view. Website visitors can download content after filling out a simple form with contact information, giving you everything you need to track and nurture business leads. 
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Supplementary, SEO-optimized content drives organic search traffic to content assets on your website that are indexed by search engines. Supporting pages can be snippets from the larger content piece and typically contain specific keywords meant to increase traffic. 

Walker Sands Digital knows digital content

At Walker Sands Digital, we deliver clear, consistent and compelling messages to your most valuable audience. Our team conducts deep competitor analysis to determine content opportunities for your business and works to strategize, develop and deliver quality content that gives your B2B brand a competitive market advantage.

The road to better digital content marketing starts here. Let’s chat about how Walker Sands Digital can create a content strategy that delivers.