A simple CMS is a powerful marketing tool. Not only is it critical to keeping your company’s website agile and up to date, but it can augment the efforts of your sales, marketing and IT departments. With an easy to use content management system, not everyone on your staff needs to be an HTML professional or development expert to edit text or add new functionality to your website. The right CMS will be both intuitive and user-friendly, strengthening your website’s infrastructure while creating opportunities for better content and better leads.

Benefits of a Simple CMS

A CMS system adds value to your in-house staff, and supports a more valuable website for your visitors and prospects. Here are some of the benefits of using a simple CMS:

  • Faster Time to Market: Setting up the technical side of new product campaigns or content marketing programs often involves some degree of coding, or assistance from the IT department. With content management systems’ user-friendly editing capabilities, anyone can quickly make changes to a web page or microsite, dramatically reducing the time and effort required to move initiatives forward. A CMS often makes advanced design changes possible in a matter of clicks as well, giving staff the ability to add menu items or reorder the categories on a site’s top nav in minutes.
  • Reduced Reliance on IT: Without a CMS, marketers may have to wait hours or even weeks while in-house IT staff or outsourced development firms execute the requested website changes. A CMS empowers marketers to manage themselves, and their campaigns, without bottlenecks or an over dependence on third parties. Non-IT staff can even make simple website edits without the hassle, safely uploading PDFs, multimedia and other rich content without an FTP.
  • Access to Valuable Insights and Metrics: The best way to gauge the success of marketing campaigns and new calls to action is through tracking and data-driven reporting. A simple CMS centralizes analytics and conversion tracking, even offering built-in features that enable regular benchmarking and measure conversion rates against stated goals. Aside from retrospective analysis, marketers can refer to this consolidated information to inform future website iterations and initiatives.
  • Increased Automation: Automating different steps throughout a marketing campaign frees up your staff to focus on more innovative, strategic projects. Automation is typically baked into a CMS, making it easier to build custom forms for capturing leads, or send personalized emails to prospects that engage with your site. Even larger tasks like developing SEO pages tailored to specific markets or service offerings can be simplified in a CMS, which uses database technology to generate smart, quality content fast.
  • SEO-Centric Design: Search engine optimization is typically its own larger campaign for a digital marketing team. The right CMS, however, can support your ongoing SEO efforts, whether it’s through reporting and analytics or content creation.

Moving Forward with a Simple CMS

A simple CMS brings value to your entire organization, giving marketing departments the autonomy to facilitate campaigns and website changes while removing a significant burden from IT staff’s shoulders. Walker Sands Digital knows how essential the right CMS is to your business growth, which is why we’ve invested in a proprietary CMS that we offer our clients at no extra charge. For more information about our CMS and what it can do for your team, contact us today at 312-267-0066.