B2B content marketing continues to gain traction as an important and useful tool for B2B companies. The “7th Annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America” report revealed that 62 percent of content marketers feel their organizations are more successful at implementing and executing content marketing methods compared to the previous year.

Content marketing is an essential tool for B2B brands that want to capture audience and prospect interest.  Brands that excel at content marketing generate more brand awareness, earning market share and solidifying their place as thought leaders.

How has B2B Content Marketing Evolved?

In the past, content marketing for B2B brands focused exclusively on articles and other forms of traditional, written content. But the shift toward an increasingly digital landscape has paved way for changes in how B2B content is consumed. As a result, B2B content marketers must take a more in-depth, diverse approach to developing and distributing content.

That’s not to say traditional forms of B2B content aren’t important. It simply means B2B content marketers now have to amplify the reach of that content, connecting with key audience segments across various channels and platforms.

Tips for B2B Content Marketers

Your content is an essential driver of business. And a robust B2B content marketing strategy can generate interest, evoke emotional responses from your audience and ultimately, lead to purchases – if you put content marketing best practices to use:

  • Integrate content marketing with other marketing initiatives.  One-off, episodic approaches to content marketing don’t generate enough value for your brand. To truly be effective, integrate content marketing activities with other business initiatives. Content marketing components support these projects, generating more favorable results. 
  • Don’t develop a content strategy you can’t maintain. Well-executed content marketing programs require dedicated teams that have the skills and expertise to develop and maintain content. If your team is equipped to create and deliver compelling copy to audiences, it might be worthwhile to hire an experienced, knowledgeable team of copy writers. 
  • Tailor content based on consumer interests. Most marketers segment content based on industry trends. But B2B content marketing is more effective when tailored specifically to your target audiences’ interests and where they are in the buying cycle. Consider surveying prospects and customers to gauge their opinions on industry trends. These insights can help you better craft content to address specific customer pain points. 

Want to Know More?

Relevant, timely content fuels successful content marketing strategies. Walker Sands Digital specializes in helping B2B technology companies generate content that initiates interest, engages emotion and motivates the eventual purchase.

Our team works to identify opportunities to develop, execute and deliver content that drives quality, actionable leads for your business.

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