Local SEO services take your brand’s online presence to the next level by raising search visibility in targeted local markets. With Google and other search engines placing a renewed emphasis on local search capabilities, local SEO services offer more than an add-on feature—they have become a crucial part of digital strategy for B2B firms across most industries.

Why You Need Local SEO Services

Local SEO services are similar to non-localized SEO services in many ways. Both types of SEO activities are designed to improve the position of your brand’s Web assets relative to targeted keywords and key phrases, drawing increased audience size to your company website or other online properties.

But to improve your brand’s localized search ranking, local SEO services also provide assistance with your brand’s local profile, citations, reviews and other variables that influence your visibility among local prospects and audiences located in close geographic proximity.

Your brand may not need an actual physical presence in a specific location to bolster your search presence in that location. For example, if your business sells technology solutions to large numbers of businesses in a city where you do not have a physical presence, it may be possible to improve your local search ranking to gain traction with local prospects.

What to Expect from Local SEO Services

The best providers of local SEO services offer practical expertise in both the strategic and tactical dimensions of localized search engine optimization. At Walker Sands, we work hard to provide our clients with local SEO services geared toward our clients’ unique goals and requirements. In broad strokes, some of the things you can expect to receive from a top local SEO services provider include:

  • Planning and Analysis. Local SEO services should begin by evaluating your current website and identifying opportunities to improve local search results. Leveraging this information, local SEO services providers can then suggest a plan with recommended next steps for localized search.
  • Keyword Research. Keyword research plays a fundamental role in all SEO activities. Local SEO services rely on keyword research to identify terms and phrases that are relevant to both prospects and search engines in specific local markets. In some cases, keyword research can also identify opportunities to gain an advantage over the competition in certain geographies.
  • Implementation and Execution. Planning, strategy and research are important, but real results are achieved through implementation and execution. Leading local SEO services firms like Walker Sands excel at implementing your brand’s local SEO strategy with end-to-end services that include content creation, landing pages and more.
  • Measurement and Analytics. Like all digital investments, you need to monitor and measure the performance of your investments in local SEO services. With consistent monthly review and reporting procedures, you can continuously improve your organization’s digital impact in target locations.

When shopping for a local SEO services partners, it’s important to focus on agencies that offer a wide range of digital services. Walker Sands Digital is a full-services digital agency with the experience and resources to help take your local SEO services program to the next level.