Frequency. Density. In some circles, keyword density dominates SEO strategy, as if it were the most important factor in SEO performance.

Although we appreciate the importance of keyword density, at Walker Sands we know that there is much more to the SEO story.

Why? Because the way content is laid out on a page can be even more important than the basic keyword density techniques employed by entry-level SEO strategists and web designers.

In our experience, the most effective business websites are meticulous about the way they structure on-page content. Unfortunately, that isn't as easy as it sounds because productive sites constantly battle to strike the right balance between providing a large volume of content on a page, which helps with SEO results, and maintaining a clean site that doesn't overwhelm visitors.

An Effective Structure for On-Page Content

Here are a few tips for structuring on-page content for maximum effectiveness:

If you are serious about ranking better in the search engines, the tips discussed above will come in handy but that's just a starting point. There are dozens of other on-page optimization tactics for SEO purposes and for encouraging a site visitor to do a desired action, such as completing a lead generation form.

At Walker Sands, we specialize in helping business clients design sites that generate leads, produce conversions and encourage user engagement. If your site architecture and on-page content design isn't getting the job done, we invite you to contact our Chicago web design professionals for more information.