At the heart of any good social media program is compelling content and the discipline of actively posting to social accounts and engaging with social audiences.

Many of our Social clients outsource this job to us, and we do everything from manning the company Twitter account to logging in to executive LinkedIn accounts and posting regularly on their behalf.

Outsourced Social Posting

By sharing a strategic mix of posts and comments, company news and resources, media placements, and third-party articles, Walker Sands will keep your social media feeds active with content that leads to more followers, interactions and shares. We can also curate relevant content from others and use that content to fuel your social program.

As part of our manning your social programs, we will create an editorial calendar to ensure a steady cadence of posts, as well as responding to timely topics and breaking news that keeps you in the conversations that matter. In addition, we will optimize your content using hashtags, keywords and tagging, and maximize exposure by analyzing the best days and times to post.

Finally, if you've already got white papers, case studies, or infographics, we can slice and dice them up for reuse in your social program. This amplifies your messaging, increases your ROI on your marketing assets, and is a recognized best practice for social promotion.

While this work can be done by internal resources, many of our clients prefer to outsource it because they know we'll do it right and it allows them to allocate headcount to higher-value marketing initiatives.

Outsourced Social Engagement

While quality content feeds your social media channels, too many companies stop there. To really succeed and build your online reputation and influence, you have to engage with your followers and others (including sales prospects and job candidates) on a regular basis and participate in relevant conversations.

Walker Sands will help you build relationships and improve customer loyalty by proactively engaging with people in your networks and responding to followers who mention or comment on your brand. We will also flag customer service or PR issues that need to be escalated and help you craft thoughtful and timely responses that stop problem issues from spreading.

Influencer and Media Outreach

Going beyond engagement with your followers and sales prospects, Walker Sands can help you specifically target and interact with industry influencers, analysts and journalists on social media.

By creating targeted influencer and media lists and then engaging with those people on the topics they care about most, we can start conversations with people who can amplify your reach. Our strategy will work in conjunction with your existing influencer and media relations programs to make sure that we?re building relationships with the same people online that you?re trying to reach offline.