Our PPC Management Solutions

Walker Sands Digital PPC management services help companies drive more traffic to their websites quickly through the Google Adwords program or other pay-per-click advertising providers. Although PPC advertising platforms such as Google Adwords can be accessed and used by anyone, to effectively manage and maximize the value of enterprise-grade PPC campaigns, you need experienced specialists.

At our PPC management company, award-winning digital marketing and PPC experts enable clients to drive more and better leads at a lower total cost. We support clients with PPC management solutions across a range of budgets—from $50,000 per week to $1,000 a month. Our approach has been refined over the years to work with any budget, incorporating sophisticated keyword targeting strategies and high-quality content that helps reduce the cost of each click.

PPC Management Key Highlights

PPC Management Services that Drive Results

Walker Sands Digital offers a range of professional PPC management services, which include:

  • Campaign set up
  • PPC landing page optimization
  • Keyword bid strategy and price
  • Ad copy creation
  • Google Quality Score improvement
  • Click-through and conversion rate optimization
  • Cost Per Action (CPA) determination and reduction

Walker Sands Digital can help you launch and maximize your return on investments in PPC advertising. As a multi-disciplinary digital agency, we also help you incorporate PPC advertising to augment and enhance other marketing programs, such as social media, PR or content marketing campaigns. Call us at 312-267-0066 to learn more about our PPC management solutions.