Our Pay Per Click (PPC) Management services are designed for clients who want to drive traffic to their website through popular PPC advertising programs such as Google Adwords.

PPC advertising is an effective lead generation tool but proper setup and management of a PPC account requires expertise. For example: How should your campaigns be setup? What keywords should you bid on? How much should you bid for any given keyword? What ad copy will be most effective? How should PPC landing pages be optimized? What can be done to improve Google Quality Scores and increase click-through and conversion rates? What is an appropriate Cost Per Action (CPA) and how can you lower it over time? What special features of the PPC advertising platform can be tapped to improve your PPC results?

Over the years, we've refined our PPC management methodology to systematically optimize our clients' PPC campaigns -- getting them more and better leads at a lower total cost. Our largest accounts spend $50,000 per week on PPC ads, but we've also helped out clients who are spending only $1,000 per month. The approach we use works regardless of your PPC budget.

While it's true that you can manage a PPC program in-house, you often do this at the expense of your organization. Professional PPC management pays for itself and then some. In our experience, it can be a big driver of new business and can play an important role in organizational success. We'd love to talk about how we can help you with your PPC marketing programs. Please get in touch to learn more.