The Fastest Way to Reach your Audience

Paid digital marketing strategies allow your brand to quickly and easily get in front of the audiences that matter to your business. Although these channels charge for access, they do so because they offer value and strong ROI. Paid efforts can help your campaigns achieve different goals, such as:

  • Improving brand awareness
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Driving conversions

Your program’s success depends on the right mix of distribution networks and tactics – and a team that can conceive, manage and optimize the execution of each campaign.

Walker Sands focuses on four different paid digital marketing channels, each with their own advantages:

  • Paid Search AdvertisingServe ads to people who are searching for specific keywords and keyphrases that indicate a need for your product, service or content. Paid search advertising is an excellent way to increase traffic and conversions by only focusing on those people who are looking for a solution that you can provide.
  • Display Advertising – Place your messaging only on the websites that your prospects are visiting. With display advertising, you can increase brand awareness and generate more traffic to your website.
  • Remarketing Campaigns – Stay top-of-mind with people who have recently visited your website. Remarketing campaigns help keep you top-of-mind while your prospects are in the research phase of the sales cycle and capture potentially lost sales through awareness and conversions.
  • Paid Social AdvertisingSocial campaigns allow for sophisticated targeting settings, allowing you to set preferences like locations, job titles and interests. Paid social is perfect for promoting content and increasing engagement with the specific types of people you want to reach.

In larger integrated campaigns, paid efforts allow your brand to get in front of your audience while SEO efforts gradually improve your website’s organic search performance. Paid digital marketing strategies give you a head start, and they can also be a multiplier and amplifier of existing efforts. At a relatively small cost, paid digital marketing can maximize returns on your overall digital marketing investments, making it a key component of our digital lead generation offering.