Paid Search Advertising

A single Google search can tell you a lot about a person. If someone searches for “top rated baby strollers,” you know that this is someone who is expecting or recently had a child. Since baby strollers can be reused, this is likely the parent’s first child, so they are probably in the market for other baby products as well. They are not very price-sensitive, or they would have probably searched “baby stroller best value”. Like this consumer example, a B2B search advertising campaign uses the same methods of inference to reach people who search conduct specific searches.

An effective paid search advertising campaign boils down to five major components:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Campaign organization
  3. Ad copy creation
  4. Landing page development
  5. Testing and optimization

We conduct keyword research by combining your expert knowledge of your company and industry, with our expertise as we develop a robust keyword list that covers all segments within the buying cycle:

  • Awareness
  • Research
  • Comparison
  • Purchase
  • Retention

We organize the keywords into themes before writing targeted ad copy and developing consistent landing pages for each theme. The search ad copy always aligns with the keywords they’re searching for and provides a straightforward explanation of what the person will gain from clicking through the link in the ad.

Each landing page should reinforce the messaging of the ad copy while clearly telling visitors what step they should take next and why. Almost always, the call to action is to fill out a form, but the reason for doing so can vary. The visitor could be filling out the form to subscribe to a newsletter, download a report, request a demo or achieve a different goal.

Once ad groups, ad copy and landing pages are in place, we go live with each campaign. Every step of the way, we are testing bids, ad copy, landing page copy and design as we continually optimize for conversions. We actively find ways to improve every search advertising campaign to maximize the ROI of your budget. As we learn more about the best ways to target and serve your audience, we improve the efficiency of your campaigns to increase ROI.

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