The early stages of the sales cycle can be an off-and-on search for a solution. People search, click, browse and then get pulled into a meeting. So when someone visits your website and indicates interest in becoming a customer before moving on to something else, remarketing helps your brand retain that relationship and remind them that they were looking to you for a solution to a problem.

A remarketing campaign comprises:

  1. Audience segmentation
  2. Remarketing ad creation
  3. Landing page development

We help you define and segment which visitors to your website you want to target with remarketing ads. You can focus on the pages they visit, their geographic location, the amount of content they viewed, what actions they performed and more. The way you define a high-value site visitor can determine the messaging of your remarketing ads. For example, a visitor who spent a lot of time viewing a page about cold chain logistics could later be served remarketing ads that link to a branded report on cost-saving strategies in cold chain logistics.

Remarketing campaigns should never be scattershot operations. Beyond creating specific parameters for what defines a high-value visitor, you can also remove people from your remarketing lists. These might be people who are already customers, job seekers or current prospects already in the sales funnel. Thanks to the customizable nature of remarketing campaigns, you can be sure that rich content and impactful messaging is delivered to the people who matter the most to your business.

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