The Responsive Design Marketplace

In today’s marketplace, no digital strategy is complete without responsive website design. With nearly one-third (31%) of all site visits currently originating from smartphones or tablet devices, it’s critical for your B2B site to incorporate responsive web design—a site enhancement that provides mobile users with a rich and highly functional digital experience.

Responsive Design Key Highlights

Responsive Design with Walker Sands Digital

Walker Sands Digital is an award-winning responsive design company that understands the important role mobile plays in business growth. As a leading full-service digital marketing firm, we have deep experience in helping B2B companies leverage responsive design to optimize their sites for all users—regardless of whether they viewing on a desktop, smartphone or tablet device.

  • Design Process – Many digital marketing agencies approach responsive design as a separate function. But at Walker Sands, we approach responsive design as a fundamental dimension of the digital process. With that in mind, we include responsive design in every website project we perform, ensuring the functionality and aesthetics of your site for all users and audiences.
  • Separate Specification and Design – We recognize that smaller screen versions of your website will likely present unique challenges and opportunities. To proactively address these concerns, our process features a separate specification and design document for mobile-enhanced versions of your site.
  • Mobile Lead Gen – The best responsive design agencies leverage responsive design principles to achieve measurable business results. By carefully evaluating the mobile user experience, Walkers Sands makes sure that your site converts mobile users just as effectively as it converts desktop users.

If mobile matters to your business (and it should), give Walker Sands a call at 312-267-0066 to learn more about our responsive website design solutions.