“Education is something that other people do to you. Learning is something you do for yourself. ”

Joi Ito, Director of the MIT Media Lab

Ryan is an SEO Associate at Walker Sands. He supports the digital team with Search Engine Optimization efforts, primarily deploying competitive content analysis for B2B clients.

Prior to joining Walker Sands, Ryan completed eight internships, working on brands such as Facebook, Samsung, and Google. As a former content writer and strategist, his client recommendations are always informed by a deep understanding of integrated communications - and a near obsession with data-driven strategy.

In Ryan's leisure time he enjoys training in the ancient Chinese martial arts form Wing Chun Kung Fu, as well as Boxing and Muay Thai. He is an aspiring tea connoisseur. If not engaging in any of the aforementioned activities, he is likely studying his favorite modern musicians: Lil Uzi Vert, Kenrick Lamar, or Playboy Carti. He no longer likes Kanye.

His favorite clients to work on include Highground, Miller Heiman Group, and cross country moving company Stevens Worldwide Van Lines. Ryan is a native of Kansas City, Missouri and graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Communication Studies.