Creating an SEO plan is a critical first step in improving your company’s search performance and ranking. When carried out successfully, SEO can be a powerful driver of increased traffic, lead generation and business growth. However, crafting an effective SEO strategy is challenging. It can be overwhelming deciding where to start and focus your efforts.

Walker Sands Digital is a leading full-service digital agency with the top SEO consultants in the country. Over the years, we’ve developed a proven strategy that builds a strong foundation for SEO success and achieves meaningful business results. We help you land a greater share of traffic to grow your business. In fact, it’s common for many of our clients to realize a 10 percent monthly rate of increase in search traffic within a few months of working with us.

Common SEO Plan Mistakes

As nationally-recognized SEO experts, we have identified several common pitfalls companies run into when developing an actionable SEO strategy. These include:

  • No Specific SEO Goals: Setting goals is the first step in developing an effective SEO plan. While most companies aim to increase website traffic through SEO, you must be more specific when defining your goals. For example, are you more concerned with being number one in search results or do you want to attract higher quality visitors to your site? The answers to these questions will form the basis of your strategy. The SEO experts at Walker Sands Digital help you assess your site’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of search performance. We take the guesswork out of planning by defining actionable steps and improvement opportunities to elevate your SEO efforts. Once you understand where you are, it’s easier to create a plan to get you where you want to be.
  • Choosing the Wrong Keywords: After you have identified clear goals, it’s time to determine your target keywords and phrases. This is not a guessing game. On the contrary, you must conduct effective keyword research using sophisticated tools and a systematic approach to understand how people in your industry search for companies like you.
  • Failing to Understand Competitor SEO Performance: A big mistake companies make when creating their SEO plans is failing to incorporate competitive information. There are two parts to understanding the competitive landscape in your industry. You must conduct a thorough competitive analysis and incorporate your key findings into your keyword research. Walker Sands determines how your competitors are using SEO and creates a strategy to help you capture more market share.
  • Content Gaps: Content serves as the foundation of strong SEO programs. As Google’s algorithm becomes more advanced, high-quality content plays a much larger role in search performance. You can’t have a good SEO strategy without great content, but many companies are just testing the waters in content marketing.
  • Lack of Measurement: SEO is a long-term business growth and marketing strategy—not a short-term fix. Measurement and testing must be at the foundation of your SEO plan. Often, we elevate our clients’ SEO results on an ongoing basis by testing and monitoring new practices and strategies. Failing to benchmark your progress will hamper your SEO efforts.

Walker Sands Digital helps companies take the guesswork out of SEO planning. When you work with us, we conduct a thorough analysis and uncover key opportunities to improve SEO performance. You’ll walk away with a detailed report that outlines a realistic work plan for your team to implement moving forward and quickly achieve business objectives and key milestones for SEO.