As one of the top SEO companies in Chicago, we field a lot of questions about how to optimize business websites.

Apart from the occasional business owner who thinks SEO can magically shoot their site to the top search position overnight, most of the questions we receive are normal, reasonable inquiries about how SEO can improve online visibility, market share, etc.

But unfortunately, the majority of the questions we get aren't the questions our clients should be asking.

Even though SEO isn't rocket science, it can be complicated. At a minimum, it requires a semi-sophisticated approach that focuses on the details -- and questions -- many web marketing strategies overlook.

If you are intent on doing better in the search results, here are a few questions to ponder.

Your company has a lot riding on SEO. Contact Walker Sands and let Chicago's leading SEO firm start working on innovative strategies to dramatically improve your site's online visibility and search traffic.