The constant variability of search rankings is a truth few business leaders want to hear. Once you have achieved your SEO goals, there is a tendency to believe that your site will automatically maintain its position. In fact, static sites and chronic ignorance of SEO trends can lead to an unexpected, yet dramatic dip in search results.

At Walker Sands, we know how important it is to stay current on SEO news from companies like Google and Comscore. But the constant refinement of our clients' SEO strategies requires more than an occasional glance at news feeds. We proactively engage industry networks and events for information about the latest trends and techniques.

For example, at an industry conference Google engineer Matt Cutts casually mentioned that Google was placing more importance on page load time. Google's founders had told Matt that they wanted Google to function like turning the pages of a magazine. While non-attendees were left in the dark, Walker Sands jumped on that information to improve our clients' page performance and jump ahead of the competition in search rankings. Here are a few of the other trends and stats we've uncovered recently . . .

  • Average search phrase length. According to a Google engineer, the average key phrase search length is four words. However, Google Instant has reduced the number of characters in a search by 17% and subsequently reduced the average number of words in a query by 3%. In the right hands, that information can be used to target key phrases and query lengths that are most attractive to Google and other search engines.
  • Search volume. People are searching more, not less. According to recent statistics, online users are increasing the number of searches they perform to more than 20 per month up from 19.7 in August 2010.
  • Searches per session. The number of searches per session are also increasing to 2.75. That's up from 2.6 searches/session in August 2010 and could indicate that users are either becoming more particular or are that many organizations aren't sophisticated about the keywords and phrases they attach to their content.
  • New searches. A shocking 25% of the searches performed each day have never been searched before. This underscores the importance of generating enough optimized content to keep up with the public's demand for information online.

Walker Sands is a Chicago SEO firm that keeps a close eye on the fast-evolving world of SEO and leverages those learnings on our clients' behalf. The end result is that our clients outperform the competition in search rankings and business growth. Contact us today for more information.