Without followers, it's impossible to execute a successful social media program. In an effort to grow your social media reach, Walker Sands will run a dedicated campaign aimed solely at gaining new followers. Every week, we'll help you grow your social connections on relevant channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

  • Growing Your LinkedIn Followers -- We often use LinkedIn Follower Ads to help our clients grow their LinkedIn follower base. These ads appear throughout LinkedIn and can be targeted to members in specific industries, companies, and regions, ensuring that you attract the right followers for your company. In addition, we work with you to more actively promote your LinkedIn page, internally and externally, in ways that will attract more LinkedIn members as followers to your Company Page.
  • Growing Your Twitter Followers -- By following and interacting with influencers, B2B decision-makers, people who follow your competitors, those who follow select industry target publications, and users who are discussing relevant topics or using target hashtags, we will quickly grow your base of supporters within the right audiences. We will also unfollow inactive/spam accounts and people who don't follow back to ensure your follower/following counts remain within accepted ratios.
  • Growing Your Google+ Company Page Followers -- Getting more followers to your Google+ page can happen naturally when you post good content regularly, but we accelerate follower building with a disciplined methodology that involves regularly identifying and circling engagers within your niche, who then will, more often than not, return the favor.
  • Growing Your Facebook Fans -- We have developed a variety of methods to grow our clients' Facebook fan bases and increase their likes. Our tactics include paid advertising as well as methods that do not involve ad buys.

Please note that we will never buy followers for you, and we strongly advise against this approach. In addition, we get bet much better results in growing your followers when you also engage Walker Sands to actively assist with social posting on all of your social media accounts.