We have a long and successful track record working with our clients to improve their social media profiles -- on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and other relevant social networks.

We do this not only for company social profiles but also for key executive social media profiles.

Key aspects of our social media profile improvement work include:

  • Branding Consistency -- It's important that all your social media profiles adhere to corporate branding standards. We make sure that wherever your brand is seen, it is presented as it should be.
  • Brand Persona -- In social media, it's important to have a brand voice. We help our clients craft how they will interact with social media audiences and then ensure that social profiles and social posts support the agreed-upon brand persona.
  • Strong Design -- In many instances, your social medial profiles will deliver the "first impression" of your brand. As such, our designers make sure your social profiles are visually compelling.
  • Search Engine Optimization -- By using certain keyphrases in your social media profiles, we ensure that you will rank well within social media platform search engines, as well as mainstream search engines such as Google.
  • Messaging Consistency -- Your brand positioning is designed to convey certain key attributes to the marketplace. A common mistake is not to include that messaging in your social media profiles. Our social media consultants ensure that your social profiles reinforce and amplify the company's key messages.

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