Strategic counsel is one of the most valuable services we provide.It starts with our fully understanding your goals, your values and your business strategy. We then draw on our experience to recommend effective communication strategies and initiatives. We help you to define an initial strategy or direction and we work with you to make strategic adjustments based on other events, industry dynamics, and business conditions.

We provide our counsel on both an on-going ad hoc basis and in more formal settings. Strategic counsel takes place every day in many small and behind-the-scenes ways. For example, we will work through strategic issues informally during daily phone calls, meetings, brainstorming sessions, or in an editing session for a major announcement. In other instances, we provide counsel in more formal settings through structured workshops.

What We Do For You

  • General Planning. We review and assist with the preparation of marketing strategies, public relations strategies, plans, timelines, and budgets. We also provide fresh perspective and advice on activities and programs that are currently in progress.
  • Launch Planning. When it's time to launch a new product, we offer seasoned, valuable advice that helps our clients succeed in the marketplace.
  • Company and Product Positioning. How you position your products and your company in the market is perhaps the single most important decision your company will make. We provide counsel and feedback on various alternative positioning strategies Where appropriate, we also conduct more formal positioning workshops with you.
  • Crisis Management. When bad news happens, we are there by your side to proactively minimize its negative consequences and address reactive situations as they arise. We have experience assisting our clients with numerous difficult issues, such as lawsuits, delayed product availability, product flaws, acquisitions, customer defections, key executive attrition, and other potentially inflammatory issues.
  • Executive Coaching. Preparing your executives is fundamental to good communications performance. We constantly provide strategic advice to your executives, everything from editing a corporate presentation to coaching an executive for a road show.
  • Product and Company Naming. Many of our clients have gone through the arduous exercise of changing their company and/or product name. We work with a number of naming consultants who specialize in working with high technology companies. We advise on all aspects of the process including legal issues, timing, participants, and how the process impacts public relations.