Through market conversations, we provide insights into what your prospects crave, fear, read, admire, and value. We tap into the minds of your audiences to provide deep insights that lead to your making better business decisions. Our results support product development as well as targeted sales and marketing initiatives.

As your independent market research team, we know how to get valuable insights from your customers and prospects. We can build an effective program on virtually any budget. Our methods are many -- from 1:1 discussions to focus groups to surveys -- but one goal is constant: we help you to better understand your customers so that you can focus on the offerings and marketing strategies that are most effective. within your target markets.

If customer and market insights are a valuable component of your marketing strategy, let Walker Sands develop a program that will exceed your expectations.

What We Do For You

  • Enhance Thought Capital. Many value point projects help uncover insights that can drive marketing programs. We can develop a program that will support your thought-leadership marketing strategy. We can uncover trends, tips, and tales that support editorials, articles, presentations, or even a seminar series.
  • Conduct Win/Loss Sales Assessments. Much of our work helps companies get a clear view of why they win or lose deals. We provide an unbiased point of contact for businesses that want to get a better feel for their business -- from the market's perspective.
  • Evaluate and Enhance Customer or Audience Loyalty. Our loyalty building programs validate and add to the strength of your customer and industry relationships. We build and monitor programs that are delivered through your team or ours, whether it's to gauge perceptions of customers, prospects, editors, analysts, employees, or investors. Pick an audience, and we'll help build a stronger bridge.