Our Chicago branding team has developed a highly specialized program designed for firms that are ready to improve their web presence.

The Challenge

Many of the business-to-business organizations that contact us want to build a new website because they have long outgrown their current messaging. Most find their existing web site to be outdated, unspectacular and, in many instances, embarrassing. In most cases, they may have never done any real messaging and positioning work to ensure that their web site is strongly aligned with business objectives. No wonder they are frustrated.

The Solution

When clients invest the time and resources to identify their key differentiators and then test to see if their clients value the same things, these companies are well on their way to a very strong messaging platform, one which induces new prospects to take action. The Walker Sands strategic/messaging program leads directly into a newly launched website. The results...a site that actually does something for your business.

How It Works

The process for our Strategic Messaging and Website Program is well defined and always yields valuable insights: a well-defined framework for online strategy, branding, positioning, visual elements, content and calls to action. With this foundation in place, clients have a roadmap for building a much more mature web presence.

These projects involve three simple steps:

  • Organizational Strategy and Positioning Discussions. We study the interval view of your organization by meeting with your executive staff and employees.
  • Prospect and Customer Analysis. We study your clients and find out what about your company matters most to them.
  • Competitor and Peer Analysis. We study the competitive landscape and see what the most successful players are doing.

After all this information is assimilated, we build a strategic messaging and positioning platform to elevate your brand. All this research fuels the creation of your new web site. The process and end results are beyond what you can imagine...

Getting Started

Interested in getting clarity on your branding and positioning? Need some good forward-thinking strategic concepts to jumpstart new business growth? Want a much stronger online presence? Call our team today and learn how we can partner with you to dramatically improve your business.