As mobile continues to gain traction with buyers, B2B companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of mobile traffic in PR and marketing. In 2013, a Walker Sands Q3 Mobile Traffic Report found that mobile devices account for more than a quarter of all website visits—up 67 percent from Q3 2012.

Across all industries, the importance of mobile traffic is changing the way brands and marketing teams approach key audiences. Since more and more buyers are using mobile as part of their normal business routines, it’s critical for brands to consider how mobile can be incorporated into their organizations’ comprehensive marketing strategies.

But leveraging mobile strategies for increased marketing impact is easier said than done. Although mobile needs to treated as its own unique connection channel, it also needs to be handled in a way that is carefully integrated with the brand’s other online and offline initiatives.

At Walker Sands, we understand the importance of mobile traffic to your brand. We specialize in helping B2B and technology firms develop and execute strategies to distribute key messaging to mobile audiences, optimizing the amount of traffic and visibility our clients receive from mobile devices.

Leveraging the Importance of Mobile Traffic

There are several ways that leading firms are leveraging the importance of mobile traffic for business growth. Although it’s important to note that your brand’s mobile strategy needs to be tailored to your unique needs and integrated into a comprehensive marketing strategy, there are a handful of issues to consider as you begin to tap into the importance of mobile traffic for your business.

  • Mobile Optimization: For starters, it’s critical to make sure that your company website and other online assets are accessible to mobile audiences. For many brands, a mobile-optimized website capable of being viewed by multiple types of mobile devices will begin to support the importance of mobile traffic and generate additional online leads. On the other hand, some brands may find it beneficial to create online assets that are tailored to specific mobile platforms (e.g. iOS and Android).
  • The Mobile Experience: The presence of a mobile-optimized website or other assets is only part of an effective response to the importance of mobile traffic. In addition to enabling mobile access, you need to ensure that your brand is providing key audiences with a high quality mobile experience. Since mobile users lack the convenience of large screens and keyboards, consider how site navigation and other features can be adapted to become more inviting to mobile audiences.
  • Mobile-Social Connections: The mobile and social channels go hand in hand. When they discover something interesting online, many mobile users immediately share it with their social networks. By considering ways to make it easier for mobile users to share your content online, you can generate added value from your mobile investments and increase advocacy for your brand.

Walker Sands: Increasing the Importance of Mobile Traffic for Your Brand

At Walker Sands, we have the resources and experience to effectively leverage the importance of mobile traffic for your brand. Featuring a broad range of traditional PR and digital marketing services, we excel at helping B2B and technology companies generate additional leads and improved business outcomes from sophisticated mobile strategies.