Good user interface design can be the difference between product success and failure. Indeed, it can be the single most powerful and effective communications tool a company has.

A well-designed interface immediately conveys "Desirability of Ownership" - as in "I really want to own that!" and "Functionality Comfort Level" - as in "it looks like this product will do what I need it to do and it's easy to learn and use". In contrast, a poorly-designed interface leaves people thinking "This product looks hard to use and probably doesn't do what I want. I wouldn't be caught dead using it!"

We specialize in designing "seductive" yet highly functional interfaces, using a proprietary approach to product design that ensures your products immediately convey stature and strength in usability.

We've been involved in building the interfaces for many award-winning products. Our user interface projects range from a simple refresh of an existing interface to completely designing all aspects of a product's user interface. We can do it all, everything from creating a needs analysis document and interface specifications to implementing the designed interface to coordinating usability testing based on product prototypes.

What We Do For You

  • User Interface Assessment and Analysis. We evaluate what your product wants to accomplish and how it wants to be perceived. If there are existing or preliminary revs of your user interface, we determine where you are hitting the mark and where there are shortcomings.
  • Design and Prototyping. Based on our evaluation, we make user interface design recommendations. We work with your team to define the features of the new user interface. We then design and build prototypes to see the new interface in action. Typically, we will present you with a few concepts, work with you to narrow the concepts down to a single direction that we all like, and then flesh out the selected concept.
  • Audience Testing. We survey your target audience to get their feedback on the new user interface. How do they like it? What parts do they love? What parts do they hate? What suggestions do they have to improve the user interface?
  • Iteration to Completion. Based on the feedback from audience testing, we iterate to completion. We enhance the user interface based on positive and negative input from the testers. We retest. We refine. Ultimately, you have the best possible user interface for your product.