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Proprietary Web Analytics Report Measures Digital Success

In today’s digital world, your ability to connect with customers and generate leads hinges on a high-performing website. To help companies better understand how their websites stack up, Walker Sands Digital offers a free, customized web analytics report generated with our proven and proprietary algorithm.

Our comprehensive report assesses website performance based on a range of key metrics, including:

  • Homepage Performance: A strong homepage leverages compelling key messages and calls to action to drive visitors to explore more pages and resources on your website. Our report shows the order visitors view items on your website within the first five seconds, so you can motivate them to dig deeper into your website and make a conversion action.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Before you can convert visitors and generate leads, you must attract website traffic. A solid search presence is dependent on the quality of your site’s content, search terms, backlinks and technical infrastructure. We test every aspect of your site’s search presence to determine the areas where your site excels and to uncover any opportunities for improvement.
    Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Speed Test and Load Time: You could be losing customers due to poor site speed. Forty percent of users abandon a website if the page load time exceeds three seconds and Google may even penalize you if your site loads too slowly. Our website speed test assesses time to first byte, start render, load complete and other factors that affect site speed on desktop and mobile devices.
    Site Speed
  • Visual Impact: Our website performance report features a heat map that shows how users visually experience your site and which areas of your homepage a visitor spends the most time viewing. With a greater understanding of user behavior, you can deliver more relevant information to target audiences and push them along your conversion path.

By analyzing everything from site design and load speed to mobile readiness and organic search performance, Walker Sands Digital’s web analytics report uncovers actionable insights to improve your website performance and lead generation capabilities.

Are you ready to see how your site measures up? Contact us today to obtain a free, comprehensive analysis of your website performance and identify key areas for improvement.

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