Buyer persona development is an important marketing and public relations strategy that helps companies create more effective messaging, targeted campaigns, product or solution launches and content marketing initiatives. At Walker Sands Digital, we know buyer personas are at the core of a successful content marketing program.

If your marketing efforts are falling short of expectations, it is likely a customer insight problem. It’s difficult to develop meaningful marketing campaigns that move the needle forward without targeting the right people. That’s where an effective buyer persona comes in.

Buyer Persona Explained

Buyer personas outline the personalities, priorities, pain points, characteristics and decision-making criteria of your average customers and prospects. To be successful, you must take a process-oriented approach to creating these personas. It’s not about mashing together statistics and graphs and hoping for the best. You need to dig deep and build out a replica of individual purchasers to understand their motivations and habits.

When done correctly, these personas serve as the basis for a strong marketing and content strategy. This approach helps you better understand and target your buyer to ultimately increase sales, conversions and competitiveness.

Common Buyer Persona Mistakes

Buyer personas elevate your marketing efforts. Without an accurate picture of your customers, you can’t market to them effectively.

There are several mistakes businesses typically make when creating buyer personas.

  • Inaccurate or Incomplete Data: A comprehensive customer persona will provide a range of information, including: why buyers decide to shop for what you sell; how they look for your products or services; their buying criteria and how they weigh that criteria; why buyers would purchase your solutions versus competitors or vice versa; the channels and publications they view regularly.
  • Only Developing One Buyer Persona: Most of the time, companies will need to develop several different buyer personas, especially if there are multiple parties participating in the purchasing decision.
  • Not Including Interviews With Actual Customers: We often have an idea of who our buyers are, but without actually speaking to these prospects, it’s difficult to truly understand their motivations and purchasing behavior. It’s critical to interview real-life customers and prospects to build out personas.
  • Overreliance on Simple Demographic Information: Demographic information such as age, gender, geographic location, education level and budget are important, but you must dig deeper and explore other key factors, such as organizational structure, purchasing motivations and stage in sales funnel.
  • Viewing Buyer Personas as a Quick Fix or One-Off Project: Customer persona programs are not a quick fix. You need to update and re-assess your personas on an ongoing basis. Relying on outdated or irrelevant personas will not move your program forward.


By taking the time to develop comprehensive personas for your buyers, you can significantly increase the success of your marketing campaigns. When you partner with Walker Sands Digital as your content marketing agency, we build out customer personas at the beginning of the engagement. We work to create tailored content for each audience and stage in the buyer process. Then, we help you deploy your new content across various market channels that your specific buyers rely on.

If you prefer, we can also help you create in-depth buyer personas that you can take back to your internal marketing team. With our flexible, tailored marketing and content strategies, we can find the solution that is right for your needs. Give us a call today to learn more about our comprehensive buyer persona programs.