As a website designer, I’m always looking to stay current with the latest design trends. One of the most popular trends, which you are starting to see in both print and web collateral, is icons. Icons are super valuable pictograms that display something such as a product, service or idea (a noun, perhaps?) in a very simple way.

Icons are great because they appeal to the human eye. They make it easy for our brains to process what we’re looking at, and they help keep a design consistent, simple, clean and uncomplicated.

It’s always fun to create your own icons using a program like Adobe Illustrator, but I’ve also found that there are great sites that supply designers (and everyone, for that matter) with scalable vector graphic (SVG) versions of pre-existing icons. If you’re like any of us at Walker Sands, time efficient solutions are the answer to our prayers.

One site that I use almost daily is On, you can search by a single subject, and you’re provided with pages and pages of downloadable icons. When searching for single icons, you can create a collection and download them all at once as a zip folder, which is much more convenient than downloading them all separately.

You can download the icons in any of the following formats:

  • Iconfont
  • PNG
  • SVG
  • EPS
  • PSD
  • All also provides icon packs, which range in size from 10 icons to 100+. All the icons in these packs were designed by the same artist and follow the same theme — it’s a great way to keep your marketing materials consistent.

As a designer, I’m always looking for resources that I know are time efficient, reliable and safe for my Mac.

If you’re ever in need of icons for any of your various design projects, please visit!

Happy designing.