Looking for good enterprise tools for sharing social content?

Many organizations would love it if they could better mobilize their employees to promote company content marketing assets, blog posts, PR placements, job postings and other items on social media.

Here’s how we do it at Walker Sands. We use an awesome enterprise social sharing product called VoiceStorm from Dynamic Signal.

To be honest, our social media experts put this together and I’m effectively just a user, but here’s essentially how it works.

Every day, all employees receive our Social Sands email. It looks like this:

When our team members click through to our private, hosted instance of VoiceStorm, they get access to a social media sharing portal that allows them to quickly and easily post the content that we want to be promoted and amplified via social media.

When I login to our Software-as-a-Service (Saas) social sharing portal, I see something like the pic below. In this case, this is a featured content asset that we’d like everybody at Walker Sands to be sharing.

If I scroll down, as depicted below, I see many other Walker Sands content assets that we’d like our team to share. This could be job opportunities, blog posts, client media placements secured by our B2B PR agency that we want to promote, Walker Sands media placements, SEO program content, etc.

If I click on any of these content items, I am immediately and very easily able to share them on all of my social media accounts. Voicestorm makes enterprise social sharing incredibly easy.

Motivating Employees to Share on Social Media

Intrinsic rewards aside, Voicestorm has an awesome gamification element to it. Our employees get points for social sharing. Whenever they want, employees can look at our Voicestorm leaderboard dashboard to see how they are doing.

Our top social sharers get the status of being on top, but we can also reward those select team members who very actively post with cash, gift cards, etc.

We’ve seen a huge uptick in employee advocacy ever since we deployed Voicestorm.

Before Voicestorm

Before we were lucky enough to find the Voicestorm, we had a tedious process in which we hand coded social sharing links into emails. It took a lot of time. There was no way to easily track which employees were sharing what.

Then, we decided to write our own enterprise social sharing software. Huge waste of resources. The contractor I hired didn’t quite get what we were wanting to build, and we never deployed that custom solution.

Since there are now exceptionally strong employee advocacy and social sharing solutions out there, that are reasonably priced, like Voicestorm, I highly recommend against your trying to build this on your own. I’ve touched on only a few key features of Voicestorm; there are many more useful features, but I don’t want this post to get too long.

Why Employee Social Amplification Matters

Since we do a lot of content marketing work for our agency’s clients, I often see companies making the mistake of dedicating significant investment into content creation that isn’t subsequently backed up with adequate content promotion and content amplification.

If a company that has 1,000 employees creates an amazing white paper, then it’s incredibly valuable if they get 1,000 social posts on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. promoting that content asset. Even if only a quarter or a tenth of the employees post the content, it can have a huge impact on advancing organizational business interests.

Getting busy employees to post your content on social media might seem like a daunting challenge.

But if you invest in a product like Dynamic Signal’s Voicestorm and put a smart person on the case to feed the engine (go Anna! You rock.), it gets much easier and, believe me, the benefits to your organization, with respect to lead generation, brand awareness, recruiting and other important goals, may surprise you.

As a full-service marketing agency, we have a robust set of social media consulting services, and we offer some truly excellent social media training for executives that is designed to educate your management team on how Social can help the company to be more successful, as well as making your execs more proficient in their own use of various social media platforms. If you’re interested in these offerings, please get in touch.