As most marketers will tell you, making sure your website remains up to date is a vital part of growing your business. There are hundreds of different reasons why you would want to update your current website, but here are three quick reasons why you might want to consider giving your current site an upgrade.

Your Business Has Changed

Just like the internet has evolved, your company has most likely changed since the time you made your site. If you were to show a stranger your website who has never heard of your company, what impression would they get? Making sure that your website shows the company you have now and not the company you had 10 years ago is the key to driving new business and having a successful online presence.

No Mobile Site

Is your mobile website the equivalent of a Zack Morris phone?

Zach Morris on Telephone

Don’t be the Zack Morris of responsive websites.

Zack is cool and all, but having your site in this condition is not. These days, it’s rare to find people out without their phones in hand. According to our Quarterly Mobile report, visits from mobile devices now account for 28 percent of total website traffic. If your website experience isn’t easy for a user on their phone, you are most likely missing out on leads. You can’t rely on your desktop website anymore to sell your products. It’s time to think mobile.

No SEO Love

There are over 22 billion internet searches made every month in the United States. Does your website show up for the keywords that are important to your business? Making sure that you implement a solid search engine optimization strategy in place is a key part of our process at Walker Sands Digital. That doesn’t just mean keywords either. SEO includes keywords, content, and making sure your title tags & descriptions are up to date across your website. SEO News wrote a great piece on keeping your website’s content up to date. If you aren’t regularly tracking your Google Analytics stats, implement those on your site today to see how your site is doing. Also, working with an SEO firm to learn how you can improve your site’s results will also be a valuable asset to your business overall.

So, what’s next?

Although these are 3 great examples, there are plenty more to think about as well. Ken wrote about some reasons to redesign your website here, and I’m sure I’ll have more advice (and Zack Morris references) to come on our blog in the future.  If you have any questions about any of the 3 reasons above, leave me a note in the comments and let’s chat about your specific website needs.